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Mychatri is a platform providing online training and Internship in India, it includes Summer Internship, Winter Internship, paid internship, engineering internship.


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6/4/2019 Software-based security solutions encrypt the data to protect it from theft. However, a malicious program or a hacker could corrupt the data in order to make it unrecoverable, making the system unusable. Hardware-based security solutions can prevent read and write access to data and hence offer very strong protection against tampering and unauthorized access. Hardware based security or assisted computer security offers an alternative to software-only computer security. Security tokens such as those using PKCS#11 may be more secure due to the physical access required in order to be compromised. Access is enabled only when the token is connected and correct PIN is entered (see two-factor authentication). However, dongles can be used by anyone who can gain physical access to it. Newer technologies in hardware-based security solves this problem offering full proof security for data. Working of hardware-based security: A hardware device allows a user to log in, log out and set different privilege levels by doing manual actions. The device uses biometric technology to prevent malicious users from logging in, logging out, and changing privilege levels. The current state of a user of the device is read by controllers in peripheral devices such as hard disks. Illegal access by a malicious user or a malicious program is interrupted based on the current state of a user by hard disk and DVD controllers making illegal access to data impossible. Hardware-based access control is more secure than protection provided by the operating systems as operating systems are vulnerable to malicious attacks by viruses and hackers. The data on hard disks can be corrupted after a malicious access is obtained. With hardware-based Cyber Security and Data Security Request Seminar ( FAQ (  (  (  ( (  1 / 4

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program to gain access to secure data protected by hardware or perform unauthorized privileged operations. This assumption is broken only if the hardware itself is malicious or contains a backdoor.[3] The hardware protects the operating system image and file system privileges from being tampered. Therefore, a completely ted using a combination of hardware-based security and secure system secure system can be crea administration policies. Read Less () Articles Interview Videos Latest Trends & Innovations Training Internship Data Security and Protection in BFSI Vertical Data Security and Protection in BFSI Vertical  Make a career in Oracle DBMS Make a career in Oracle DBMS  CRYPTOGRAPHY: SAFEGUARD YOUR JOB CRYPTOGRAPHY: SAFEGUARD YOUR JOB  CISO : Chief Information Security Officer CISO : Chief Information Security Officer  ( Select Stream : IT/CS/Comp. App. ( /Skills in Core ( /Cyber Security and Data Security Topic Feeds  2 / 4

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6/4/2019 Cryptography and Web Security  Digital Payments: How secure are they? Digital Payments: How secure are they?  Quick Links About Us ( Media Release ( Blog ( Contact Us ( Privacy Policy ( Disclaimer ( FAQ ( General Terms of Use Students ( Internship Organisation ( organization) Training Organisation ( organization) Freelancer ( sitemap ( Request Seminar (  (  (  ( ( Hacker vs. Cracker: Hack the Hack Hacker vs. Cracker: Hack the Hack   3 / 4

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6/4/2019  9 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-11001 (   +91 (11) - 49098955 +91 (11) - 49098527  2018 All rights reserved ( SSL Certificate ( Contact U s Request Seminar (https://ww w FAQ (  ( mychatri.c  om (  ( c/o Letz Dream4U Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 705, Vishal Bhawan, (  https://ww w  4 / 4

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