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Robotics can be helpful for aspirants in getting jobs across industries and government organizations such as NASA, ISRO, Army, Automobiles, Appliances, Medical, Manufacturing and Transportation. To build a future-proof career in Robotics, aspirants require a combination of electrical engineering, computer programming and mechanical engineering skills. This field offers great opportunities in research and teaching as well. The various job profiles offered in Robotics are Robotic Scientist Robotic Engineer Robotic Technician among many others. Aspirants need to enhance and update their knowledge with hands-on experience for greater future prospects.


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6/3/2019 From sci-fi movies to real life, Robotics is playing a decisive role in shaping the future of technology as well as the way we are living our lives. Robotics is a science of building devices guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry which can physically interact with their environment. Robots are capable of doing all the tasks which are suitable and not suitable for humans. From reaching to difficult terrains and an option during natural disasters, robots are here to accomplish complex tasks. Apart from these robots are proved helpful in manufacturing processes, transportation and e... Read More > () Select Stream : Electrical Engineering ( /Diversified Skills ( /Robotics Topic Feeds Robotics Request Seminar ( FAQ (  (  (  ( (  1 / 5

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6/3/2019 Articles Interview T raining Internship  Request Seminar ( FAQ (  ( V  id ( e h o ttp s s://  ( ( htt p s:// ) Robotics is the next big thing in India Robotics is the next big thing in India Robotics, which looked like sci-fi decades ago, is now a reality. It’s still futuristic but the preparations for robot-driven future have begun. An Oxford University analysis predicts robots taking over more than half the jobs by 2035. This may paint a grim situation for job prospects of the future. However, the truth is while robotics will take away some jobs, it will create new opportunities. According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) prediction, 35% of the leading organizations in logistics, health, utilities, and resources will explore the use of robots to automate operations by 2019. Accelerating the talent race 2 / 5 

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6/3/2019 providing the highest the leading global job $ 96,000 a year commensurate with the experience. The US federal government leads in salaries. In India, the average salary for a robotics engineer, according to site Indeed, is ₹3,60,480 per year. ( Powering the gig economy In a world ruled by gig economy, experts believe robotics will replace jobs that are repetitive or boring, allowing people to choose what they want to do each day. The World Economic Forum, through its latest report The Global Competitiveness Report, suggests that “with vast numbers of jobs set to be disrupted as a result of automation and robotization, creating conditions that can withstand economic shock and support workers through transition periods will be vital.” This assumes greater significance since about a third of workers in the US and Europe are free agents. In Latin America, India, and China, more than 50% of workers work without a formal contract. Flexi-working, therefore, is now a norm, which will get further impetus with AI-powered robotics. Jobs of the future Companies, especially in the IT sector are bullish about the prospects that robotics will help open. From data detective to ethical sourcing officer, artificial intelligence business development manager, master of edge computing, genomic porVolio director, the job prospects of the future are immense. Among the 21 jobs of the future, Cognizant is especially, excited about the new C suite opening in the form of Chief Trust Officer, who will be responsible for an organization’s financial integrity in the new era of crypto currencies. The Indian landscape India along with USA and China are leading the world’s automation race, says Malcolm Frank, head of the strategy at Cognizant. The outsourcing industry, employing nearly four million people is providing the main thrust for automation in India. Companies such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro are increasingly using automation to service their clients. Add to this the start-up scene in India which makes the future of AI-driven robotics very bright. Spurt in jobs There is little doubt that robotics has the potential to disrupt the labour market in India. This is evident from the two-way increase in robotics-related jobs. According to the job site Indeed, between May 2015 and May 2018, the number of job seekers increased by 186%, while the number of jobs posted saw an increase of 191%. The maximum number of job seekers  3 / 5

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