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Unistal Windows Data Recovery Software Recovers Lost Data From Hard Disk,Corrupted/Damaged Windows Partition,Deleted Files from NTFS & FAT Partitions for Windows 8/7/Vista/X


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© Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi QUICK RECOVERY FOR WINDOWS Quick Recovery software for Windows data recovery is an impressive solution which promisingly performs the methodology of rescuing all the Windows Operating System databases and other folders from any type of loss. We all are aware that there are several types of technical glitches which results into a data loss situation such as: an accidental deletion of data by using Shift+Delete keys logical drive issues some virus attacks Windows failure partition corruption and so on. This advance software fosters an individual to rescue back all the databases and finally restore them on the computer back. This software supports all the versions of Windows Operating System and offers absolute outcome without demanding much of it. The functionality of the software is determined with three steps: Evaluate analysis and recovery. 1. Evaluate: This step searches and identifies the device and locate all the OS partitions. 2. Analysis: Scans the complete file structure of selected partition and the data area of the inaccessible drive. Further constructs the link to deleted files to recover your files folders. 3. Recovery: All the recovered items are highlighted in a tree like structure. One can select your data files and directories and move the data to a safe location.

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© Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Who suffers most Features:  Recovers all the deleted files and folders  All types and kinds of database and folders are retrieved  Supports Windows partitions recovery  Logical drive recovery  Management of bad sectors are done  Unicode multilingual support  Complete Operating System is rescued 100 data recovery is possible if  Errors like invalid partition table invalid media type error and invalid drive specification general failure reading drive etc. are displayed  If there is a problem with Partition Table Boot Sector and Root Directory  Files are accidentally deleted  Operating system not booting  Disk has been formatted and small files are to be recovered  Chernobyl April 26 virus attack  Drive is not shown or accessible

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© Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Other conditions when data may be recovered partially not completely  A large deleted file is to be recovered Disk has been formatted and something is overwritten  Messages like sector not found data error reading disk file allocation table bad are shown by the system  The user has taken some action after the data loss occurred e.g. scandisk or any utility which can write something on hard disk  OS is re-installed or restored backup after accidentally formatting the disk or accidentally deleting data • Running system repairing tools to repair the operating system corruption Recreating partitions making a FAT 16 hard disk FAT 32 or NTFS etc.  Data loss occurs after using disk repartitioning/resizing utilities Quick Recovery for Windows:- Windows Data Recovery Software is a Complete Recovery Solution for lost files and folders as it offers number of recovery options as follows:  Quick Recovery  Exhaustive Recovery  Save Log  Load Log  Save Using Filter  File Search  Raw Recovery  Disk Imaging

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© Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Interface • FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 NTFS and NTFS5 file system System Requirements  Windows NT/2000/XP/ Server 2003/2008/Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows10  800 MHz processor or higher. RAM:  512 MB Windows NT/2000/XP/ Server 2003  1 GB Windows Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2008 50 MB available hard disk space

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