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Physical Education Project :

On: “ BADMINTON ” -the game of the royals' Physical Education Project Submitted to - Meenakshi Ma'am

History Of The Game:

History Of The Game Badminton is a very popular racquet game played by all categories of male and female. It was played in the royal courts of England till 1873. it was inspired by an Indian game , “Poona”. It spread rapidly with publication of its rules by Colonel Selby in 1867. The English badminton Federation was founded in 1893 and it conducted first All England Championship in 1899 (one of the most important tournaments in the international circuit). The Thomas Cup(for men) and Uber Cup (for women) , two other famous tournaments were started in 1948 and 1956 respectively. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was founded in 1934. Badminton is very popular in South-East Asia. In 1962 Asian games, it was firstly introduced in Jakarta. Thailand and Malaysia have produced many top players. The World championship is being held after every two years since 1977. Badminton became an Olympic game in 1992 at Barcelona. India has also produced many good players like Prakash Padukone, Sayed Modi, Aparna Popat and Pallela Gopi Chand. Badminton Federation of India (BFI) regulates the team selection , training and coaching to Indian Players.

Rules Of The Game:

Rules Of The Game (i) In this game , the player hits the shuttle cock back and forth over the net with a racquet . (ii) Badminton is played in singles , doubles and mix doubles (iii) There are two ways to win a rally ; getting the shuttle cock to hit the opponents side court or forcing opponent to commit a fault. (iv) A fault occurs when the shuttle cock is hit out of bounds ; touches the court ; does not go over the net ; touches a player or his clothes ; infringement of rules, etc. (v) A game consist of 21 points continuous scoring , in the best of the three games. A winner is one who wins two games (vi) In case of a tie at 20 th point then difference of two points will be considered for deciding game. (vii) Continuous point scoring is followed according to the new rules ; the player who is serving if loses the rally , then he will lose the right to serve as well as one point. (viii) The points are told as ‘love all’ in the beginning. In singles game , all even points services are done from right side of the half court and all odd point services are done from left side of own court. (ix) Change of sides are done after each game and also on the 11 th points in the final game.

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