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Overview of Motherboard:

Overview of Motherboard


Introduction A motherboard is a circuit board with various components that work in unison to make a computer function. We've set up that a motherboard is the home office of a substantial company. Be that as it may, without a doubt, the central command isn't the main crucial viewpoint to making an organization effective. Much the same as there are diverse parts of an organization, a motherboard includes distinctive parts inside it that cooperate to transmit information to one another.

Form Factor.:

Form Factor. The form factor is basically how a motherboard is formed, or how it physically looks regarding its specifications (namely size, shape, and layout).Take McDonald’s for instance. While all McDonald’s restaurants operate the same way, some are set up differently. Some have play centers, fancy self-ordering touch screens, and unbroken ice cream machines. It's the equivalent with frame factors. While all motherboards work a similar way, unique models have various types of ports, measurements, and mounting openings. Prevalent frame factors include.


Chip-set. The chipset allows data to flow between various components, namely the CPU, peripherals, ATA drives, graphics, and memory. It can be divided into these categories: Northbridge: Located on the “north” side of a chipset, it “bridges” together the following components: CPU, RAM, and PCIe Southbridge: Located on the “south” side of a chipset, it “bridges” together the following components: BIOS, USB, SATA, and PCI Think of a chipset like the CEO of a large company, with the Northbridge and Southbridge acting as the CFO and COO. In business these three C’s (or the C-Suite) work together within the headquarters of a company to delegate tasks to their subordinates.  In the case of motherboards, the C-Suite is comprised of the big bosses that make sure information is flowing between the subordinates (like the BIOS, CPU, RAM, etc.).

CPU Socket.:

CPU Socket. This is fundamentally a little natural surroundings for the CPU to rest in. A CPU is a little square with a group of pins and connectors underneath it that assistance to decipher and transmit information completed by the northbridge part of a chipset. Think of the CPU like the overachieving office assistant to a CFO/COO. The office assistant resides in its own cubicle (or in this case, the CPU socket) to execute various kinds of tasks. It’s like a CFO/COO telling an office assistant to schedule meetings, make phone calls, and go on coffee runs. The office assistant, or CPU, carries out these kinds of tasks (but in a more mathematical kind of way, as the CPU reads input and output instructions).Having a high-quality CPU (and office assistant for the matter) is important to the overall speed and efficiency of a computer.

Slots. :

Slots. Think of slots like different branches/departments of a company. Most companies have departments for things like marketing, human resources, accounting, research. Slots are like these kinds of departments for a motherboard, with branches like: Memory/DIMM Slots: Used for holding memory/RAM PCI: Connects expansion cards like video, network, and sound cards PCIe : A modern version of PCI but with a different interface that can work with almost any kind of expansion card USB: Used for USB connectors like flash drives, although not very common SATA: Used for optical/hard disk/solid-state drives.

Data Bus. :

Data Bus. All of the components mentioned above would not work in unison without the necessary data buses that connect everything together. Think of data buses as a form of communication. So in a large company, if the CFO/COO wants to tell an office assistant what to do, how would they go about it? Email? Phone? An in-person conversation? It doesn’t matter as long as there is some form of communication going You have probably heard of a motherboard and know what one is, but do you really know how it works? Think of a motherboard as the headquarters of a large company. Without the headquarters, who is supposed to delegate tasks to the remaining employees? And that’s exactly what the motherboard is for. It is the central hub of a computer that connects everything together.

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