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Vinyl Printing in Hyderabad


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Vinyl Printing in Hyderabad What is vinyl lettering Vinyl lettering is lettering made out of a resin plastic made from polyvinyl chloride PVC. It’s pliable or flexible and just like leather. Vinyl lettering usually involves a plotter. Vinyl banners are one of the ways where tradeshow organizers and advertisement agencies publicize promotions and events. Vinyl banners can be as large or as small as required to grab the attention of customers and clients. Made from vinyl these types of banners can endure several forms of weather conditions including severe weather. Many times event organizers supplement banners with different forms of promotional materials including but not limited to posters light boxes or even wrapped vehicles. New varieties of vinyl have been designed in recent years which are much easier to handle and install compared to the vinyl used in earlier time. Vinyl these days comes either as a self-adhesive or an easy- to-use pressure sensitive adhesive doing away with the old type of adhesives which were chemical substances that were used in the past that may cause health problems to the user. Custom vinyl banners are used at different places including banks supermarkets shopping malls and many other public places. They are weather resistant and long lasting with enough strength to survive the side effects of extreme weather conditions

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What are the differences between vinyl lettering and digital printing 1. Lifespan: Vinyl lettering endures longer than digital printing. That’s because digital ink fades after a while when compared with lettering made out of PVC or resin plastic. For example an outdoor Tuff-Weave banner made with vinyl letter may last up to ten years. But this doesn’t rule out choosing digital printing for an outdoor sign project. Any digital printing will make use of an extra coating of laminate-protection to improve its lifespan especially if the digitally-printed sign is made for temporary use on a field or parking lot improving its appearance and surface qualities at the same time. 2. Cost: We hope there was a simple answer to this one but there isn’t. It actually is dependent on your signage needs and wants. Allowed digital printing might have a faster time period during the production stage but this doesn’t take into consideration if the image was custom-designed the size of the print lamination and above all else the purpose of the sign . If the sign is for outdoor use you’ll end up having to replace a “cheaper” digital printed sign regularly than a vinyl one – vinyl lasts longer. So once again cost depends on your sign project goal first and materials second. Keep this in mind when looking around for sign suppliers because at Raghu digitals we see your sign project as a personalized production process and not just as a finished piece of material. 3. Appearance: The most apparent difference between the appearance of vinyl lettering and the digital printing is that vinyl lettering includes two or three prominent colored letters on a good banner background. We’ve noticed vinyl lettering described as “blocky” “basic” “traditional” and “simple.” On the other hand digital printing has a photo-like high quality. Many others colors may be used to show text images and pictures. The substrate or material used in digital printing usually “becomes one” with the digital image. Digital vinyl printing provides large format full color printing which is often laminated or shape cut. Designed for everything from vinyl and PVC banners to car wraps wall coverings and exhibition displays vinyl printing provides a flexible good quality solution for decorating cars buildings and windows both internally and externally .

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The uses of vinyl printing Vehicles are the perfect promotion space as with the help of vinyl wraps they can become portable billboards. It’s no wonder so many businesses prefer to customize their fleet of vans cars motorbikes or boats with colorful branded signage which advertises the company and its services. Producing car wraps is easy thanks to large format printers such as the HP Latex 310 and they easily and seamlessly stick to the vehicle’s surface when fitted. Vinyl graphics are also used in stores to decorate the shop interior. They are creative eye-catching and offer great branding possibilities in particular when designing window displays. Vinyl window wraps can really help bring customers in store as the finishing looks extremely impressive. Size is not an issue either as smaller panels can be seamlessly fitted together. On the smaller end of the vinyl printing size other popular uses include banners such as roller banners exhibition stands and large vinyl signs . These are weatherproof and long lasting providing internal or external signage at a low cost. Advantages of vinyl printing Apart from its wide range of utilizes there are several more reasons why businesses are extremely using vinyl-printed materials. Here are the top three: They are designed to last – Vinyl printing uses durable waterproof scratch-resistant inks which means that it’s suitable for creating a wide variety of internal and external signage. Vinyl materials are capable of enduring everything right from heat and sunshine to cold and wet weather making them a sensible investment. They are cost-effective – If you’re going to offer vinyl-printed banners signs or wraps to your customers you need to know you’re going to make an affordable profit. Vinyl printing is so cost-

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effective that businesses of all dimensions can afford to purchase vinyl marketing materials – remember to make sure you purchase the most effective printer possible. The quality is amazing – Digital printing technology means that every vinyl product looks professional colorful and high quality. Photo-quality images are printed with ease which is likely to be a big draw for your clients. When it comes to vinyl printing our work is the exact manifestation of our client’s requirements. A combination of state of the art machines and our work we provide you with the superior quality and color. Our heat and weather proof vinyl printing are available with various finishing. The standardized process ensures uniform quality results and we are sure to offer you the best quote in the market. Raghu Digitals signboard maker has been servicing best of clients in the publishing houses large corporations advertising agencies hotels restaurants cinema advertising offices and telecommunications manufacturing sectors as well as various multinational companies. We aim to create the best signage to fit your advertising needs. We are offering all types of flex printing led sign boards glow sign boards and fabrication for flex printing acrylic signage light box signs in Hyderabad Contact Us Raghu Digitals Shop no: 2-8D Gangaram Service roadBeside Swagath Hotel Chandanagar Hyderabad Telangana – 500050. +91 9985787217

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