CPaaS use case- Banking-Dec 2018

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Vox CPaaS provides a smooth customer experience with complete digital transformation, without the complexity of backend engineering.


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Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider:

Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider


The exclusive cloud-communication platform- Vox CPaaS Your customers have shifted to mobile to stay updated about their finances. Does your mobile application offer real-time support and secure financial activities? You need to ensure your services safeguard customer privacy while providing a superior customer experience by establishing context every time customer contacts you. Vox CPaaS provides a smooth customer experience with complete digital transformation, without the complexity of backend engineering.

Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips:

Inform and stay connected with information your customers and need , anytime, anywhere—within your app. SMS Empower your customers with voice support with easy-to-implement APIs, and scale with flexible voice capabilities Voice Call Rule out all queries and worries of your customers by connecting through HD video calls and enabling file sharing Video Vox CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips Vox CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to use communication features like messaging, chat, voice & video in their applications without having to build the complex backend infrastructure. Vox CPaaS enhances your customer experience and communication strategy.


Power your banking services OTP and Two-factor authentication Account related issues Loss of debit/credit card or fraudulent activity Voice Accelerate contact centre efficiency No one likes to wait on a call when calling customer service helpline! 75 % of customers believe that it takes too long to reach the desired person. With Vox CPaaS , relationship manager is just a click away. ‘Click-to-call’ functionality within the app makes it easier for customers to connect and communicate immediately, effectively, and conveniently . Latest offers & plans


SMS & chat- Building stronger customer relationships Alerts about suspicious activity Transaction status and 2F authentication OTP for initiating transaction Appointment scheduling & reminders Account status Application status For any suspicious activity, instant alert can be sent or customer can also raise complaint via SMS, call or chat Status of transaction made through net banking, credit or debit card can be shared instantly with the customer For secure transaction and authentication, OTP can be shared via SMS with a validity of 5-10 minutes Relationship manager can schedule appointment via SMS or one-to-one chat SMS or chat can be initiated for account details Customers can be informed about their application(s) status (accepted, processed, rejected, pending) via SMS or chat Mobile messaging & chat give an opportunity to connect with customers for instant notifications driven communication. Over 90% of messages are delivered and read within 3 minutes . Customers can send or receive SMS or chat for


Video & file sharing- Creating personalized experience Customers can get their details updated by sharing images of required documents. Data sharing for updating account With file sharing, customers can get their policies, FD/TDR copies and other documents. File sharing for policies and financial documents Customers facing issues while operating net banking can now get their query solved via video assistance. Video call for assistance 01 02 03 Relationship manager and support team can connect with customers through video call for instant support. By intelligently weaving together existing business processes with Vox CPaaS , customer journey can be streamlined with end-to-end encryption of files/media.

Take your business to the next level:

Take your business to the next level Keep users engaged by providing functionalities like click-to-call, SMS & push notifications Increase engagement & add value to communication Introduce real-time services by integrating our APIs/SDKs. No overhead expenses and maintenance . Stay competitive Seamlessly integrate voice & SMS communications and data sharing into your existing business processes Enhance business operations Vox CPaaS scales horizontally and vertically. Get analytics and reports on app usage to make better investment decisions. Get insights A new revenue stream could be initiated by offering premium services to customers. Increase revenue How can Vox CPaaS fuel your business growth?

Vox CPaaS – USPs :

Vox CPaaS – USPs 2 3 4 1 Light weight on data usage Low data usage enables faster communication even at slow internet connection Seamless Integration Seamless integration with any platform/protocol and highly customizable Ultra-fast responses Faster communication and ultra-fast responses for seamless commnucation Myriad applications IoT enabled, easy to use, light weight & reliable

Developer portal, demo & Vox offering:

Developer portal, demo & Vox offering Vox Offering APIs & SDKs for SMS, voice and video- all features in one app APIs and SDKs for individual functionality White-label application with CPaaS functionality SDK Demos Try our Konverz app and get hands-on experience on Vox CpaaS functionality Android iOS Web

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