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Vox CPaaS aims to empower your business by enhancing customer experience. Our cloud-communication platform enables you to stay connected with your customers by integrating secure real-time communication viz. voice, video and SMS APIs into your apps.


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Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider:

Telecom Software & VoIP Communication Platforms Provider

CPaaS- The next-gen communication platform:

CPaaS - The next-gen communication platform What is CPaaS ? Ever wondered if you could get in touch/solve queries of your customers by directly communicating through your app, conversely, they can also contact you for any assistance? Yes ! This is possible through CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) Vox CPaaS primarily aims at streamlining customer experience by introducing real-time communication by integrating APIs into the app . The market opportunity Over the last 18 months , a large chunk of B2B, B2C and C2C companies are adopting CPaaS approach.

CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips:

Inform and stay connected with information your customers need, anytime, anywhere—within your app. SMS Turn calls into connections with easy-to-implement APIs , and scale with flexible voice capabilities Voice Call Demystifying calling with DID numbers. Use DIDs for caller ID, contact centres and number masking. DID Designed with agility for smooth integration of functionalities into apps with user context and data at your fingertips. SDKs CPaaS functionalities at your fingertips Simply by integrating our APIs and SDKs into your applications, you can start real-time communication with your customers. Vox CPaaS enhaces your customer experience and communication strategy at a cheaper cost.


Enable SMS into your applications within minutes Build two-way communication Gain the advantage of sending and receiving SMS Sending & receiving SMS through Termination Gateways Instant customer support messaging C hat-like interactions & peer-to-peer interaction Maintain authentication Safe and secure communication powered by our SMS APIs SMS based two-factor authentication SMS-based phone number verification Simplified alerts & notifications Keep your audience informed by sending alerts and notifications through SMS. OTP & verification SMS Transactional SMS Alerts, notifications and promotional SMS Users can log-in without having to memorize passwords or using an extra app

Voice- More than connectivity:

Voice- More than connectivity Voice APIs enable developers to build communication feasible for app-to-app and app-to-PSTN calling. Voice APIs Voice functionality can be integrated for app-to-app, PSTN calling (using VoIP credits ), DID calling and broadcasting voice Adding value to communication HD and SD calling based on the availability of bandwidth. Get call detail records for PSTN calling Best in quality Growing nearly ten fold The global voice and text messaging CPaaS market is expected to grow from $867 million in 2016 to $8.2 billion by 2021.


DID Numbers Going local to global with DID DID numbers support load balancing by managing heavy traffic and routing calls to the desired carrier. Supports load balancing DID numbers offer HD audio quality at a lower cost with wide areas of coverage. Superior calling quality at low price Using DID, user identity can be hidden. The CPaaS platform substitutes phone numbers with virtual number, which is not tied to anyone's name— except that perhaps of the company itself. Number masking A DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number just like any phone number can be connected to a PBX system owned by customer. To make DID calling viable in terms of plans, we offer flexible packages and plans as per your requirements.


SDKs Simpatico for all major platforms! No hardware, easy to maintain! Enjoy Instant Messaging along with presence and status updates One-to-ne and group chat with file/media sharing . Chat SDK Going big was never so easy! Our SDKs offer app-to-app , PSTN calling ( using VoIP credits), DID calling and broadcasting voice. Advanced functionalities include call recording, number masking, call waiting and more Voice SDK Create effective and unique experiences with our powerful SMS API offering two-way capabilities. Send SMS from a phone number, short code, OTP, 2-factor authentication, alerts & reminders. SMS SDK SMS Chat Video Voice By integrating our SDKs, you can enjoy HD video calling in any web or mobile app Integrate video with back-end services and business work flow Video SDK

Take your business to the next level:

Take your business to the next level Keep users engaged with voice & video call , SMS & push notifications 10-30% increases in conversion rates Increase engagement & add value to communication Introduce real-time services by integrating our APIs/SDKs . Be the 1 st to WOW customers Stay competitive I ntegrate voice & SMS and data sharing into your existing business processes Increase value of user base by up to 40% Enhance business operations Vox CPaaS scales horizontally and vertically. Get analytics and reports on app usage. Get insights A new revenue stream could be initiated by offering premium services pertaining to your business and user demands. Increase revenue How can Vox CPaaS fuel your business growth?

Developer portal, demo & Vox offering:

Developer portal, demo & Vox offering Vox Offering APIs & SDKs for SMS, voice and video- all features in one app APIs and SDKs for individual functionality White-label application with CPaaS functionality APIs and SDKs available for Android, iOS , web and embedded SDK Demos Try our Konverz app and get hands-on experience on Vox CpaaS functionality Android https:// iOS Web

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