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A Brief History of the Mobile Phone The mobile phone was invented in 1973 by Dr Cooper to his rival, Joel Engel who was Head of Research at Bell Labs, but it was some time before mobile phones were available commercially. Probably our first memories of mobile phones are from the 1980s when the handsets were large, expensive and typically used by city high fliers. Today things are very different: nearly everyone in India has a mobile phone, with many people having one for business and one for personal use. http://www.popsms.co.in

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Why MOBILE? Mobile has 6 unique benefits. The power of the mobile phone as a mass media is due to six elements not available on previous mass media. THE PHONE IS THE FIRST TRULY PERSONAL MEDIUM. A 2006 survey by Wired revealed that 63% of the population do not share the phone even with one’s spouse, it is that Personal. THE PHONE IS ALWAYS CARRIED. A survey in 2005 by BDDO found that 60% of the population sleep with the phone physically in bed; a Nokia 2006 study that 72% of us use the phone as our alarm clock. THE PHONE IS THE FIRST ALWAYS-ON MASS MEDIUM, today many media offer alerts via the phone, what is on another real time medium like TV, such as CNN breaking news alerts via SMS. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE PHONE HAS A BUILT-IN PAYMENT MECHANISM. No other medium has a built-in payment mechanism, even on the internet you have to subscribe to Paypal or provide a credit card, etc., but already today, older media collect payments through the mobile phone. THE PHONE IS A CREATIVE TOOL AVAILABLE ALWAYS AT THE POINT OF CREATIVE IMPULSE. Mostly when the photo opportunity emerges, our digital camera is safely at home in its camera case. But the camera phone (which is our video recorder and podcast recorder) is on our pocket, always the ready to snap images and clips. Lastly but perhaps most relevant to the legacy media, MOBILE CAPTURES THE MOST ACCURATE CUSTOMER INFORMATION IN ANY MEDIUM. AMF Ventures measured the relative accuracy of audience measurements on TV, internet and mobile, in May 2007, finding that on TV only 1% of audience data is captured; on the internet about 10% of audience data is collected; but on mobile 90% of audience info can be identified. Considering media content targeting and advertising, this means that for practical purposes we know the exact composition of our total audience, individually and exactly – and even where the media is consumed. Not even on the web do we have this level of precision. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will be revolutionized! It is not surprising then to find that in Japan, 54% of all mobile phone users receive advertising on their phones and with targeting and personalization, 44% like the ads so much, they actively click on the ads. http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Marketer’s Delight or Challenge Over 1 Bn Population = Over 1 Bn Potential Users Challenge is reaching them Traditional Media – Reach and Limitations http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Traditional Media http://www.popsms.co.in

Leverage a New Medium : 

POPULAR SMS Leverage a New Medium Mobile Tele-density at over 20% Your Suppliers, Your Retailers, Your Users, Your Competitor’s Users Can you reach all of them when you want to? http://www.popsms.co.in

Popular SMS Services (PSS) – The Next Medium : 

POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Services (PSS) – The Next Medium Supplementing Complementing (adding Reach) (adding Effectiveness) Print TV Radio Outdoors Print TV Radio Outdoors Popular SMS As a standalone Medium reaching out to a larger audience instantly Enhancing the effectiveness of Traditional Media http://www.popsms.co.in

Popular SMS Services : 

POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Services Supplementing Games Contests Campaign Reinforcement Reminder Product Feedback Rewards Mobile Coupons Complementing Awareness Announcement New/Special Offer Mobile Coupons Reminder Influence Invitation Popular SMS – A true TWO WAY COMMUNICATION Engine http://www.popsms.co.in

With Popular SMS : 

POPULAR SMS With Popular SMS Announce a new Product Launch Build your Brand Announce Sales Promotions Reminder for offers Event reminders Reward using Mobile Coupons Engage using games and contests Take Product Feedback Generate Leads Create Innovative Dialogue Opportunities Build Brand Community Man Power recruitment A Personalized Message with Undivided Attention http://www.popsms.co.in

Popular SMS : 

POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Reach out to Targeted Audiences Reach out to over 50 Lakhs targeted mobile users a day Send out personalised and customised messages Customise your message yourself Sender ID Branding Delivery Confirmation 100% efficiency on Message Submission High Speed SMS http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Create Awareness Talk about your Offer Talk about a Scheme Message from an Endorser Remind them Invite them Influence them Popular SMS Achieve Your Objective http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Reach them when you want to - instantly Days of month, Time of Day Event Related Catch the peak days of the buying cycle Flash Message http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Direct, Personalised Message Focused on Product Focused on Offer Focused on new Introduction Focused on some Event SENDER ID BRANDING Message from your Mascot / Endorser / Celebrity http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Reach them with Relevance Vernacular Topical (Slice of life, current happenings) Relevant (citywise) Customise message daily (less obtrusive and very effective) http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Universal Reach Nation-wide State-wide City-wide Area-wide Road-wide HNI, SME, Retail, Gender... Sub Category Cutting across all Telcos http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Message 100% Customizable Send Text Messages Send Picture Messages Change message content hourly, daily, audience wise etc., Send unlimited messages daily http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Traditional Call Centre Solution Typical Call Centre Business to Business Contact Business to Consumer Contact Marketing of Product and Services Notifications Lead Generations Promotions Reminders Limitations High Cost Less Reach Quality Manpower Consistent Quality Huge Resources A Good Tele Caller can only contact 60 people in a day http://www.popsms.co.in

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POPULAR SMS Popular SMS Banking Lead Generation Account Opening Credit card, Personal, Auto, Home Loans offers New Branch Opening etc., Automobiles Lead Generation for Car & Bike Sales Service Reminder Loan cum Exchange offer New Product Launch etc., Insurance New Product Introduction Renewals Maturity etc., Telecom Special Offers New Product Launch Bill Reminders Increase revenue for VAS etc., Retail Industry Brand Positioning Special Offer New Outlet Opening http://www.popsms.co.in

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The 5 Cs of Mobile = Connectedness COMMUNICATION – The mobile phone is primarily a communication device. It allows one person to talk to another; it allows one person to send a message to another via SMS, MMS, instant messenger or email. Marketing Question: What are we communicating, when, to whom, why and how? How are we going to allow customers to communicate with us? CONSUMING We have full multi-media access on our phones, we’re also consuming a wide range of content from video new clips, ringtones, images, videos, casual games and news services. It could be argued that we ‘consume’ messages from loved ones and marketers alike. Marketing Question: What do our customers want to do on their phones? How does that fit in with what we want to communicate? COMMUNING The mobile phone allows us to connect with the digital world and have a presence or be ‘always on’. It means that we have access to information 24/7 and that others can connect to us 24/7. Marketing Question: How does our marketing effort allow customers to commune or link with us and/or the outside world? CONVENIENCE The mobile phone is a very convenient way to communicate with another person or entity or find something out by looking it up on the mobile internet. The mobile phones we have today are more powerful that the desktop computers we had sitting on our desks less than 10 years ago. Marketing Question: Can we make our campaign or our service more convenient for customers by allowing mobile interactivity? Is our service or campaign convenient to use? CONTROL You decide how ‘always on’ you want to be, or not. You can turn off at any time. You can see who is calling you and decide whether or not wish to take that call. You can see who is sending you a text message can you can decide whether or not you wish to reply. What this means for marketers is that the customer may choose to interact with you via their mobile. They may (or not) give you permission to talk to them via their mobile phone. But it also means that you need to put the customer in control of that permission and make it easy to unsubscribe from marketing activities. Marketing question: Have we got our subscribe/unsubscribe process right? http://www.popsms.co.in

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Rules for Success When planning your mobile marketing effort, it really is back to marketing basics and lots of common sense. Don’t get bogged down with the technology, think through your product or service, your audience and what you want them to experience. There’s a simple checklist to go through which may help you with this. Segment, Target, Position. What are the customer segments you want to reach? Which of them are you going to target for this campaign? How are you going to position your product or service with them, thus affecting brand and key messages? Who is the audience? What do you know about them? Where do they hang out (in this day and age, you need to go to where customers are rather than ‘build it and they will come’)? Who are they hanging out with? What are they reading on and offline? What are they looking at on TV, listening to on the radio, surfing on the internet, using on their phone? What are your key campaign messages? Is it promotionally led (e.g. Special Offer)? Is it ongoing communication? Is it customer service (thank you messages, requests for feedback)? http://www.popsms.co.in

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME http://www.popsms.co.in

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