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Time management : 

Time management

What is time management ? : 

What is time management ? is managing time according to our daily aspects. Are our abilities to recognize and solve problems. Are the practices which all individuals follow. It refers to principles and systems.

advantages : 

advantages We are in control of our life and time. We can balance time b/w work, personal, and family lives. We can define our outcomes and physical action. we can manage the core process like what to do? How to manage? We can gain time. We can reduce cramming.

Dis-advantages: : 

Dis-advantages: We will lose our hope and don’t care for time. Our health may get upset due to stress and tension. We get irritated, anxious and nervous. We will lose our confident and start getting angry on every body. Cramming will be increasing constantly.

Results: : 

Results: It helps to define our outcomes . It helps to reduce anger. It helps to gain time. Motivates and initiates. Improves self knowledge and goals. It develops and maintain a personal, flexible schedule. Reduces anxiety. Eliminates cramming.

5 steps to make use of time. : 

5 steps to make use of time. Set specific academic and personal goal. Create a term calender, recording major events. Create a weekly schedule of your classes, labs,drill, meetings etc.., Decide on specific time to work on each course. Make a to-do list for eachday the night before or during breakfast.

Time must not be crammed : 

Time must not be crammed

At last: : 

At last: Time is very precious so, we should not waste time . time never waits for anybody so make use of time in a better and good manner.



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