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Defect of packaging: Introduction,Defect in Pharmaceutical Packaging, Causes for Defect, Systems for Minimizing Defect.


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Riteksha Patel M. Pharmacy S.C.O.P.E(Indore) DEFECT OF PACKAGING

Defects of Packaging:

Defects of Packaging Content : - Introduction Defect in Pharmaceutical Packaging Causes for Defect Systems for Minimizing Defect


Introduction Defect of packaging mainly affects Quality of product Care should be taken to avoid unwanted defect ,to maintain the quality of the product. common defect which may appear into the packaging includes: Cracked , Fracture in can or body , Missing liner in closure , Fracture in pouch , Heat seal is too narrow , Cartons out of square , Stone or air bubbles in glass bottle , Un even outer surface of bottle

Packaging defect may be categorized:

Packaging defect may be categorized Class A :- Critical defects Class B :- Major defect Class C :- minor defect

Class A :- Critical defects:

Class A :- Critical defects Those defect which prevent a package from performing its intended function of protecting its content ,which cause safety hazards in handling , use ,or disposal. In case of critical defect container has to be rejected. Example :- Cracked bottle , fracture in can or body , missing liner in closure.

Class B :- Major defects:

Class B :- Major defects Those defect which cause borderline functionality in a package . It reduces the identity by virtue of graphic defect. Examples :- heat seal is too narrow , Cartons out of square.

Class C :- Minor defects:

Class C :- Minor defects Defect that damage the appearance but not the function of package are called minor defect. Example :- Stones or air bubbles in glass bottle , Uneven outer surface of bottle , small scratches on case , printing out of register.

Acceptance criteria for defect:

Acceptance criteria for defect Class A defect make a package unacceptable on subjective matter. It has been decide whether container is accepted or reject. Class B defect has demerits of two points. Class C defect has demerits of five points. We accept a container of total ten points and disqualify the container on the basis of attributes and variables attributes are of yes/no type

Defect in Pharmaceutical Packaging:

Defect in Pharmaceutical Packaging Lack of heat seal – incomplete heat seal Inclusions of product or foreign materials in the seal area Misplaced lids/ tops / closures or crimp seals Holes or crack defects in empty vials/ampoules Invisible defect/leaks

Causes for Defect:

Causes for Defect Joint or material failures are potential problem areas. If the packaging material is not sufficiently strong, then failure can occur as a collapse, rupture, tear or crack Badly applied caps on some pharmaceutical package Packaging machines controls are not set correctly, thereby producing thousands of out of specification packages.

Some common packaging and their Critical , Major and Minor defect Glass container :- :

Some common packaging and their Critical , Major and Minor defect Glass container :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Cracks and penetrating checks . Contamination with insects, dust , any foreign matter. Broken or chipped finish. Glass weight below specified minimum. Nonfunctioning stretching bead Leaner's in excess of 1/8 inch Stones wavy appearance Uneven outer surface

Plastics package :-:

Plastics package :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Cracks and breaks anywhere the bottle Thickness is less than 0.oo5 inch Rough cutoff at finish , leading to leaky closure Below minimum weight Any dimension out side of limits Leaner's in excess of 1/8 inch Streaky pigmentation from inadequate pigment blending

Closures :-:

Closures :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect A crack in the metal anywhere on the cap Missing liner out side the dimension that permits stress cracking. Liner loose and partially hanging out Rough or orange pill surface faults related to consumer. Scratches on outside the surface of the cap

Metallic packages :-:

Metallic packages :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect leakage on seals crack of any size on body or ends missing or incomplete lining Contamination with dust or any foreign matter Dent size is more than a inch that affects closing efficacy Out of round at open end Scratches on outside the surface

Label :-:

Label :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Wrong copy/size in stick together tear and holes, Missing colors Rough weight edges Loosely bonded improper identification on label

Blister packages :-:

Blister packages :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Crack or holes on blister Wall thickness is less than 0.005 inch After washing it is not removed Embedded foreign matter Discoloration and visual defect Mould lines and drawing lines

Cartons :-:

Cartons :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Dimensions outside the tolerance limit Tear holes Ink spreading Scoffs surface Strains on outer surface

Aluminum foil :-:

Aluminum foil :- Critical defect Major defect Minor defect Damage core Missing sealing layer Width variation Poor resistance Scratches on the lamination Bead over surface of foil Sealing is not proper

System for Minimizing Defect:

System for Minimizing Defect There is a increasing demand for materials testing as a result to reduce packaging defect some of the major machine precaution taken into consideration to reduce defect Joint- strength : A generic tensile test to destruction on two mating component Top-load test : A compressive test performed on containers to asses resistance to top load Pierce-force testing of foils and films

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Trouser-tear tests : recording the force required to commence and propagate a tear. Simple tensile or compressive test on packaging material. Testing machines like texture analyzer : record the force required to open peel-back lids The caps are placed on bottles , tightened and then heat sealed if the cap is not applied absolutely square, the seal will not be effective.

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