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Ch-8 OD Intervention Strategies:

Ch-8 OD Intervention Strategies By: Radhika Gandhi

Points to be covered:

Points to be covered Organizational change Basic Strategies to change The Integration of change strategies Stream Analysis Selecting an OD Intervention The Major OD Intervention Techniques

Organizational Change:

Organizational Change Organizational change attempts to increase organizational efficiency. The purpose is to increase productivity through invigorated employees who are able to develop creativity, performance, and innovation beyond traditional levels. Managing Organizational change is an important and complex challenge.


Cont…… OD Strategy: An OD strategy may be defined as a plan for relating and integrating the different organizational improvement activities engaged in over a period to accomplish objectives.

Basic Strategies to Change:

Basic Strategies to Change The three basic strategies to change are: Structural Technological Behavioral In practice, changes made using any one strategy will very likely require some use of the other two.

Structural Strategies:

Structural Strategies Attempts to change an Organization’s design by modifying the lines of authority, span of control and arrangement of work functions.

Structural Approach to Change:

Structural Approach to Change Changes that relate elements of organization to one another. Includes removing or adding layers to hierarchy. Downsizing associated with restructuring. Changes can involve decentralization and centralization.

Technological Strategies:

Technological Strategies Implement new technologies such as computer systems and machinery.

Technical Approach to Change:

Technical Approach to Change Changes in machinery, methods, automation, and job design. Changes help companies become more productive.

Behavioral Strategies:

Behavioral Strategies Emphasizes the use of Human Resources

Behavioral Approach to Change:

Behavioral Approach to Change Emphasizes better utilization of human resources by improving: Morale. Motivation. Commitment of members. OD is traditionally associated with behavioral strategies.

An Integrated approach to Change:

An Integrated approach to Change For OD strategies to be successful, the organization must consider the Interdependencies among its various sub elements. A change in one subsystem will have some impact upon other elements of the system. A comprehensive approach needs to consider the system’s technological and structural variables as well as it’s behavioral variables.

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OD Practitioner Behavioral Strategy Structural Strategy Technological Strategy Improved Performance Change Attitudes and Values Change structures and Design Change Production and Methods New Relationships New Behaviors New Processes

Stream Analysis:

Stream Analysis A method used in planning the implementation and analysis of behavioral, structural, and technological changes. It begins by identifying interventions that the organizations can implement as a part of the OD program.

Uses of Stream Analysis:

Uses of Stream Analysis To diagnose and plan interventions. Keeps the track of progress once the change program is underway. For complex OD Projects, it is helpful to visually represent the change program and show where we have been and where we have to go. If modifications are required, the consequences of the changes on other interventions can be easily ascertained.

Selecting an OD Intervention:

Selecting an OD Intervention An OD intervention encompasses the range of actions designed to improve the health or functioning of the client system. Three broad aspects are of concern to the OD Practitioner in selecting an Appropriate Intervention: Potential Results of the Technique Will it solve the basic problems? Does it have any additional Positive outcomes?

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Potential Implementation of the Technique Can it work in a practical application? What are it’s actual and human costs and its impact upon the client system? How do the estimated costs compare with the expected results? The Potential Acceptance of the Technique Is it acceptable to the client system? Is it adequately developed and tested? Has it been adequately explained and communicated to members of the client system?

The major OD Intervention Techniques:

The major OD Intervention Techniques OD Intervention Techniques include activities focusing on several organization levels, ranging from The individual or interpersonal level The team or group level The Intergroup level The total Organizational System level

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