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Ch-3 Changing the Culture:

Ch-3 Changing the Culture By: Radhika Gandhi

Points to be covered:

Points to be covered Creating a concept for change Understanding Corporate Culture Cultural Resistance to change Tools for change Goals and values of OD

Creating a Concept for Change :

Creating a Concept for Change Challenge of  managers is: Create renewing system Develop long-term efforts Culture often  key to success Cultural change  result of complex strategy

Understanding  Corporate Culture :

Understanding  Corporate Culture Given an environment  of rapid change, a static organizational culture can no longer be effective.

What  Is Corporate Culture? :

What  Is Corporate Culture ? Culture is  a system of: Shared values, Beliefs, Behavioral norms Observed behavioral  norms Dominant values Learning the  ropes for newcomers Culture  From 2 Subsystems Managerial Organizational

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Managerial Subsystem Through actions  and words, managers define philosophy of  how employees are treated Vision articulated  by top management Organizational  Subsystem Outside factors  define culture Technology influences culture Job descriptions  and structure influence culture’s development

Corporate  Culture and Success:

Corporate Culture and Success High-performing  companies have strong cultures. Many cultures  fail to adapt to change. Following corporate  mergers, cultures often clash

Key  Factors to Improve Culture :

Key  Factors to Improve Culture Create vision  for the future Develop model  for change Reward changes Cultural  Resistance to Change Changing culture not easy Time required Culture can  prevent company from adapting

Organizational  Adaptability :

Organizational  Adaptability Recession Deregulation Technological upheavals Social  factors Global competition Outsourcing Markets

Tools  for Change:

Tools  for Change Information Support Resources Information: Provide information  to people One method  is open-book management

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Support: Support and  collaboration from other departments Management support  to provide climate of risk taking Resources: Funds Staff Equipment Materials Innovative programs  for providing resources including: Innovation  Banks Skunk  works Venture capital

Organizational  Dimensions Affecting  Performance :

Organizational  Dimensions Affecting Performance Managerial  effectiveness Managerial efficiency Motivational climate Other  Criteria for Organizational Effectiveness Adaptability Sense of identity Capacity to test reality

OD  Professional Values and Ethics :

OD  Professional Values and Ethics Expertise Autonomy Commitment Code of ethics OD  Implementation Issues Success dependent  upon fit between OD values and organization’s  values Key issue is  value orientations and purpose of change

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A range of ethical issues may be involved in a change program. It includes: Compatibility of Values: OD Practitioner’s Personal values congruent with the client Works like a doctor, works for both the organization as well as an individual Imposed  Change: OD ideally  implemented voluntarily Top management  may impose program OD  practitioners  cognizant of power and politics Determine  Priority of Goals: Goals given  precedence Develop balanced  intervention

OD  Values About Nature  of Human Beings :

OD  Values About Nature of Human Beings Respect for  people Trust and support Power equalization Confrontation Participation

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