What are Some Appropriate Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse

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If you are in the warehouse business the availability of space will be a matter of great concern for you. The increase in the profit of the warehouse is directly related to the quantity of goods that can be stored in it. However, if you are having space crunch in your warehouse, then you should look for some smart storage solutions to increase the storage potential of your warehouse. There are many appropriate solutions for your warehouse. Go through the slide to know about some appropriate storage solutions for your warehouse.


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What are Some Appropriate Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse


One of the most concerning thing for every warehouse owner is the availability of space to increase the storage potential of his warehouse.


While physically it might be impossible to change the existing structure of the warehouse, but a lot also depends upon the storing ways of the goods in your warehouse.


There are also many different types of racking systems available, which can help you in increasing the storage potential of your warehouse.


If you are looking for ways to increase the availability of storage space in your warehouse, here are some appropriate storage solutions for your warehouse. Drive-in and drive-through pallet racking Pushback pallet racking Rf shuttle pallet racking Double deep pallet racking VNA pallet racking


VNA pallet racking


VNA pallet racking or Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking system is suitable for storage houses that have very limited floor space.


In this type of setup, the racks are placed very close to each other with minimum space between them. However, in this type of pallet racking system, the mobility of the forklifts is restricted.


Usually, the forklifts have the complete freedom to move and turn themselves in the aisle, but in the case of VNA layout, it is not at all possible as space is limited and the forklift is able to move in one direction.


Double deep pallet racking


The double deep pallet racking is similar to selective racking where racks storing pallets are placed two rows deep, which leads to an increase of about 80% of storage capacity.


If you are opting for this type of racking, then you have to also get a specialized pallet handling equipment like a specialized forklift or a standard unit with double deep handling attachment.


Double deep pallet racking is suitable for high storage density warehouses.


Drive-in and drive-through pallet racking


The drive-through pallet racking system operates on the principle of first in, first out and in this type of system, the pallets are loaded from one side of the rack and are taken out from the other side.


Moreover, in this type of system, you will be able to independently stack and retrieve the items and the need of multiple aisles will also diminish considerably.


The drive-in pallet racking system operates on the principle of first in, last out. This system is not meant for goods, which have a short shelf life or a warehouse that has a quick inventory turnaround.


Furthermore, in this type of racking system, the risk of damage to the inventory is very high as the forklift operators have to drive into the system to get the goods.


This requires skilled forklift operators who will follow the safety guidelines and report any damage punctually.


Pushback pallet racking


The pushback pallet racking system allows the pallets to be stored from 2 to 6 feet deep on either side of the aisle, which provides you with higher storage density than other forms of racking.


Moreover, with pushback system, you can actually have all the benefits of a drive-in system, without having to drive in the equipment.


This is a great advantage as the risk associated with the drive-in system is not present in the pushback system.


Rf shuttle pallet racking


The Rf shuttle pallet racking is a form of pallet racking, which has radio-controlled shuttles that move on rails to deposit as well get back the pallets.


The Rf shuttle pallet racking is suitable to be used in warehouses which has dense bulk storage. It follows the first in, last out pattern in its operation.




From our above discussion, we can conclude that using these type of racking system will boost the efficiency of your warehouse by increasing the availability of space.


Moreover, when you are actually starting your warehouse business, it is best to install these types of racking systems as it will save you from the hassles of renovating it afterward.


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