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Barthes Codes

Who is Roland Barthes:

Who is Roland Barthes Roland Barthes was a French literary theorist, linguist and philosopher who was born on the 12 th November 1915 and died at the age of 64 on the 25 th March 1980. he explored a wide variety of fields and he influenced the development of schools. What he believed Barthes believed text was like a tangled ball of threads, which needed to be unravelled. Once unravelled we encounter an absolute wide range of potential meanings. It will enable the audience to start looking at a narrative in one way, from one viewpoint, one set of previous experience and create one meaning for that text. We can continue by unravelling the narrative from a different angle and create an entirely different meaning. He felt texts could be either open or closed.

What is the Barthes code?:

What is the Barthes code? The Barthes code consists of five codes which Roland Barthes believed could be woven into any narrative. These are: The Hermeneutic Code This code refers to any element of the story that is not fully explained and hence becomes a mystery to the reader. It doesn’t reveal all the facts in order to avoid dropping clues. The Proairetic Code (Enigma) This code builds tension, referring to any other action or event that indicates something else is going to happen, and which hence gets the reader guessing as to what will happen next. The Semantic Code This code refers to the connotation within the story that gives additional meaning over the basic denotative meaning of the word. The Symbolic Code This is very similar to the semantic code but acts at a wider level, organizing semantic meanings into broader and deeper sets of meaning. This is typically done in the use of antithesis, where new meaning arises out of opposing and conflicting ideas. The Cultural Code This code refers to anything that is grounded on some kind of canonical works that cannot be challenged and is assumed to be a foundation for truth. It looks at the audiences wider cultural knowledge, morality and ideology.

How does it apply to our film?:

How does it apply to our film? The Barthes code applies to our own film due to the variety of codes the theory consists of . The Hermeneutic Code will apply to the trailer due to the lack of specific information in the sequence. This is because a trailer doesn’t aim to allow the audience full access into the storyline and the conclusions of the film. This therefore means certain pieces of information are left from trailer to avoid giving away major plot points. The Proairetic Code will also apply to the ‘Odyne’ trailer as the action sequences displayed in the trailer will entice the audience into wanting to see the movie through the tension and excitement created. This will ensure the right target audience for the film. The Semantic Code will apply to our film due to the name of the main character which is also the name of the film. This is due to the Greek God connotations that apply to the name and the foreign sound which will allow for extra information to be given to the audience in a subtle way. It will be less obvious and mean the audience will have to work out the connotations themselves. This relates back to the target audience of our film meaning they will have more chance of understanding the meaning.

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