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Death and funerals AAS217 Multimedia report Ran Wang


The similarities and differences between Korean and Chinese death and funerals . Some special rituals on the funeral.


Confucius Confucianism’s attitude toward death. Death is a natural way and it cannot be violated, all mortal. Very structured funerals are required in both Korean and China.


The field hospital equipped with the funeral. Koreans usually hold “in door funerals” nowadays


In contrast, Chinese people prefer “outdoor funeral” nowadays.


The uniqueness ritual of Korean funeral 1. Women were restricted from entering or witnessing the death throes of a male relative; likewise, men were not permitted to observe the last moments of a female, regardless of the relationship 2. W hen death arrived, it was customary for the family members who had been present during the last moments of the departed one to wail ( kok )


3. At the entrance, there would have a spot to rent funeral clothing, a shop selling urns and coffins, and an area to order flower arrangements. 4. In addition, guests usually first sign their names to the guestbook and put their monetary offering—5,000 won is the going rate—in one of the white envelops at the entrance to help the family with expenses.


Special rituals in Chinese funerals Young bachelor: The deceased is a young bachelor, his body cannot be brought home and must remain in the funeral parlor. And his parents cannot offer prayers to their son, either.


Other similarities 1. Although both Koreans and Chinese have traditionally buried the deceased ones in mounds on mountains, land is becoming sparse nationally and there are certain geographical requirements for burial to assure the spirits are safe and sound.

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