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MLOS 501:

MLOS 501 Session Eight

Quote for the Week:

Quote for the Week A camel is a horse designed by committee Sir Alec Issigonis , The Guardian

Short Term Objectives:

Short Term Objectives At the end of this evening, you should be able to Define “meeting robber” Identify several types of meeting robbers and the best strategy for containing them Use a meeting agenda template to create an agenda for a meeting that you will lead

Long Term Objectives:

Long Term Objectives Over the course of time, you should be able to Identify meeting robbers in the groups that you participate in and behave in ways that mitigate their effects Regularly utilize agendas in a way that facilitates group decision-making


Video The Meeting Robbers

Creating Good Meetings:

Creating Good Meetings Don’t hold meeting unless you must Agenda No meeting should occur without one Time limits assigned to topics are best Agenda items should reflect responsibility Should go out no later than 24 hours prior to meeting

Meeting Agenda Template:

Meeting Agenda Template Date, location, time Purpose of this meeting Call to order Approve minutes (when appropriate) Agenda items with time limits Review of meeting objectives and action items

Preparing for the Meeting:

Preparing for the Meeting Contact people responsible for action items Make sure all information is available

During the Meeting:

During the Meeting Minutes are a must Keep track of assignments made for follow up Follow up assignment should have due dates attached

After the Meeting:

After the Meeting Distribute minutes within 24 hours Remind people of follow-up assignments

Impromptu Meetings:

Impromptu Meetings If they must happen, consider What do you hope to accomplish? Is everyone there who needs to be? Do you have to sit down?



Virtual Groups:

Virtual Groups Members across multiple locations and time zones Diverse members and alliances Less stable membership Technology and communication competence dependent

Review of Assignments:

Review of Assignments Group Analysis Paper Course Application Reflection

Your Discussion Questions:

Your Discussion Questions

Action Plans:

Action Plans Where will you go from here?

Course Review:

Course Review Divide into two teams Create a “quilt” on flip-chart paper demonstrating learning Each “quilt” should have eight squares

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