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MLOS 501:

MLOS 501 Session Four

Quotes for the Week:

Quotes for the Week Sometimes a player’s greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team. The important thing to recognize is that it takes a team, and the team ought to get credit for the wins and the losses. Successes have many fathers, failures have none.

Short-Term Objectives:

Short-Term Objectives At the end of this evening, you should be able to Define a team and distinguish it from a group or a meeting Describe the characteristics of an effective team Explain how you would gather a team to accomplish some goal in your organization

Long-Term Objectives:

Long-Term Objectives Over the course of time, you should be able to Create and maintain effective teams in your organization

Group Presentation:

Group Presentation Effective Teams

Purposes of Teams in Organizations:

Purposes of Teams in Organizations To give more responsibility to those who perform the job To empower workers—authority and decision making Promote flexibility in the organization

Types of Teams:

Types of Teams Problem-Solving (short term) Management (ongoing) Work (ongoing, often self-managed) Virtual (interact via computer, short or long term) Quality circles (intermittent)

Team Processes:

Team Processes Teams differ from groups  cooperation  cohesiveness Members  diverse skills Cross-organization vs. within department  sense of identity  time commitment

Team Performance:

Team Performance Moderate performance Highest performance Low performance Lowest performance Low High High Cohesiveness Low Performance norms


Video: Team Building

Team Building:

Team Building Exercise #1: Howdy Partner Have the group stand in two circles, one inside the other, facing toward each other. Have those paired shake hands, say “Howdy Partner” and answer a question.

Team Building:

Team Building Exercise #2: Two out of Three Ain’t Bad Each person writes 3 statements on a card. Two should be true, one should be false, and all should be statements that are not immediately obvious to the others. All cards are read and people guess who said what.

Team Building:

Team Building Exercise #3: Three similarities and one difference Divide into groupings of 2 or 3. Within the groups, find three things that all members have in common, and one thing that members don’t have in common. Join with another grouping and repeat, and then join with the whole class and repeat.

Team Building:

Team Building Exercise #4: Draw a House



Discussion from the reading:

Discussion from the reading IDEO case, pp. 202-203 Rothwell LaFasto & Larson Reading Team membership Team relationships Team problem-solving Team Leadership Organization Environment

Recap—Effective Teams:

Recap—Effective Teams Clear, elevating goal Results-driven structure Competent team members Unified commitment Collaborative Climate Standards of excellence External support and recognition Principled leadership

Galaxy Quest Discussion:

Galaxy Quest Discussion

Your Discussion Questions:

Your Discussion Questions

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