Plant layout of pharmaceuticals

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Plant layout of pharmaceuticals:

Plant layout of pharmaceuticals PG DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIECES SARDAR PATEL UNIVERSITY- VALLABH VIDHYANAGAR. Prepared by : Guided by: Kamal Kardani Miss Shraddha Parmar Vishruti Choksi

Contents :

Contents 2 Introduction Importance Types of plant layout Sample layouts References

Introduction :

3 Plant Layout:   Arrangement of physical facilities such as Machinery Equipment furniture etc. within the factory building in such a manner so as to have quickest flow of material at lowest cost & with the least amount of handling in processing the product from the receipt of material to the shipment of finished product. Pilot Plant : It is the part of the pharmaceutical industry where a lab scale formula is transformed into a viable product by development of practical procedure of manufacture. Introduction

Importance :

Importance 4 An ideal plant layout should provide the optimum relationship among output, floor area & manufacturing process. Flexibility of operation Easy production flow Make economic use of building Promotes effective utilization of manpower Employee’s convenience Safety Comfort at work Maximum exposure to natural light & ventilation

Types of Layout:

Types of Layout 5 There are 3 types of plant layout: Manufacturing units Traders Services Centers And Establishment

Manufacturing Units:

Manufacturing Units 6 It divides in to four type Product or line layout Process or functional layout Fixed position or location layout Combined or group layout

Product or Line Layout:

Product or Line Layout 7 Principles:   All the machine tools or other items of equipment must be placed at the point demanded by the sequence of operations. There should no points where one line crossed another line. Materials may be fed where they are required for assembly but not necessarily at one point. All the operations including assembly, testing packing must be included in the Line. Advantages: Low cost of material handling, due to straight and short route and absence of back tracking. Continuous flow of work Lesser investment in inventory and work in progress Optimum use of floor space Shorter processing time or quicker output


8 Lower cost of manufacturing per unit Disadvantage :  High initial capital investment in special purpose machine Heavy overhead charges Breakdown of one machine the whole production process are stop . Suitability Mass production of standardized products

Process Layout:

Process Layout 9 Principle The distance between departments should be as short as possible for avoiding long distance movement of materials The departments should be in sequence of operations The arrangement should be convenient for inspection and supervision Advantages: Lower initial capital investment in machines and equipments. Breakdown of one machine does not result in complete work stoppage Supervision can be more effective and specialized There is a greater flexibility of scope for expansion.


10 Disadvantage:  Material handling costs are high due to backtracking. More skilled labour is required resulting in higher cost. Work in progress inventory is high. Needing greater storage space. More frequent inspection is needed which results in costly supervision.

Fixed Position or Location Layout :

Fixed Position or Location Layout 11 Principle: In this type of layout, the major product being produced is fixed at one location. Equipment labour and components are not moved to that location. All facilities are brought and arranged around one work centre. Advantages: It saves time and cost The layout is flexible as change in job design and operation sequence can be easily incorporated Adjustments can be made to meet shortage of materials or absence of workers by changing the sequence of operations.


12 Disadvantage:  Production period being very long. capital investment is very heavy. Very large space is required for storage of material and equipment near the product. As several operations are often carried out simultaneously, there is possibility of confusion and conflicts among different workgroups.

Combined Layout:

Combined Layout 13 Principle: In most of industries, only a product layout or process layout or fixed location layout does not exist. Generally, a combination of the product and process layout or other combinations are found, in practice.


Traders 14 When two outlets carry almost same merchandise, customers are attracted and kept by good layout. i.e. Good lighting, Attractive colours, Good ventilation, Air conditioning, Modern design. All of these things mean customer convenience, customer appeal and greater business volume. There are three kinds of layouts in retail operations today. Self service or modified self service layout Full service layout Special service layouts

Services Centers And Establishment:

Services Centers And Establishment 15 Services establishments, must give due attention to customer convenience, quality of service, efficiency in delivering services

Sample Layout for Pharma Industry:


Space required as per Schedule-M:

Space required as per Schedule-M 17     Oral liquid 30 M 2 basic installation+ 10 M 2 ancillary Semi solid preparation 30 M 2 + 10 M 2 for ancillary     Granulating section 30 M 2 Solid dosage form compression section 30 M 2 + 20 m 2 ancillary   Coating 30 M 2 + 10 m 2 ancillary   Powder 30 M 2 Filling of hard gelatin cap. 25 M 2 + 10 M 2 ancillary Parenteral preparation Total 150 M 2 mfg. area+ 20 m 2 ancillary svp or 150 M 2 for lvp       Aseptic Filling and sealing   Filling and sealing General room   Eye ointmennt. And eye lotion 25 M 2 + 10 m 2 ancillary   Suppositories 30 M 2

Ancillary layout:

Ancillary layout 18

References :

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