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Slide 1 Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours - Physical Activity PEACH TM


PEACH TM Slide 2 Be active often in a variety of ways Play Transport Doing chores Organised sport Family activities/outings At least 60 min of moderate-vigorous activity per day for children Less than 2 hours of “screen time” per day Computers TV Video games Tablets/smart phones PEACH TM healthy lifestyle recommendations: Activity


PEACH TM Slide 3 Self esteem Motor skills and co-ordination Weight management Bone health Cardiovascular fitness Physical Activity – Why?


PEACH TM Slide 4 Positive role model Think of active alternatives to “I’m bored” Include physical activity in outings Make exercise fun, social and non-competitive Limit “screen time” – 7-10 hr per week Physical Activity – How?


Slide 5 Walking to shops/video shop Household chores After school routine incorporating time outside Keep active equipment visible Think back to childhood Car on mat games Twister totem tennis Elastics hop scotch… Making it easy to be active


PEACH TM Slide 6 Prioritize TV shows Use video recording to limit exposure to food advertising No TV before school Lock on TV/not in bedrooms Limit number of TVs in the house Computer games locked away Have active alternatives visible How to limit physical in activity


PEACH TM Slide 7 1) identify your own goals 2) identify things that will make it easy or hard to achieve these goals Goal Setting: What family changes might you make?


PEACH TM Slide 8 Before 1 st group session….. Write down 2 goals relating to physical activity or nutrition Keep a record of everything you eat and drink, and your activity for a 24 hour period Then keep a record of everything your child eats and drinks, and their activity for a 24 hour period


PEACH TM Slide 9 What’s next? Phone conversation (15 mins ) Receive PEACH information pack 4 x 60 min group sessions (3-weekly) Active use of the PEACH Lifestyle Facebook page (a closed group) 1 x survey (10 mins )


Slide 10 Email us: PEACH TM

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