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Final Course Project: Participate in Team Sport:

Final Course Project: Participate in Team Sport Reilly Oliver 5/6/15 Fitness Lifestyle Design


For my course project, I participated or joined a team sport. I had joined University High School of Orange City’s Varsity Softball team, coached by Kenny Walters. Introduction

Engagement Activities :

I chose to participate in a team sport because I have been playing softball for a long time and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love this sport and always will. Every week day I would practice with my teammates and coach and then play games on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s starting January 19 th and ended April 24 th . On practice days we would practice for at least 2 to 3 hours. Game days would be 2 hours of activity. Engagement Activities

Engagement Activities Continued:

Practice Running laps around the field Diving drills Running a mile Push ups, sit ups, planks, squats Throwing for distance Sprints Rapid Fire hitting Rapid Fire fielding Hitting and fielding Game Days Running laps around the field Hitting Fielding Diving Throwing Base running Engagement Activities Continued


I believe sportsmanship means to show respect to everyone and to play with fairness and to win or lose with grace and dignity. This year, even after losing in the regional semi-finals, I still congratulated the other team and told them good luck in the future even though it was our last game. A few words we had to live by as a team was trust, dedication, heart, passion , confidence, determination, and confidence. Sportsmanship

Other senior teammates and I shaking hands of other team and officials.:

A quote my team and I had to play by: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” –Harriet Beecher Stowe Other senior teammates and I shaking hands of other team and officials.

Sports in Other Cultures: Germany:

Sports in Other Cultures: Germany Differences In Germany, they do not have club softball for specific ages. Mainly any age can join. The coaches and leaders of the clubs will decide who is on each team . This was the most interesting fact to me. They only have two divisions which is North and South and some regional leagues in the federal states. In Germany they do not think softball is a popular sport as much as football (soccer in our country). Similarities In the U.S. and Germany, the length of the field and base path are the same. We both have umpires and officials. We have most of the same rules of the game.

In School Resources:

They have had softball at UHS ever since our school opened 5 years ago. It is a spring sport provided at my school, starts in January and usually ends around the end of April. Other sports that I could have joined at my school are volleyball, tennis, weightlifting, track, cross country, golf, bowling, cheerleading, swimming, soccer, and basketball. Link to University Titans athletics: In School Resources

Community Resources:

Softball is offered in little league and major league levels in my area. You can find a team in almost every town in Volusia County. Around me, you can join the Debary or Orange City teams. We have other activities you can join like soccer, dodgeball, flag football, baseball, kickball, dance, tennis, and a running club. Link to Debary recreational programs: Community Resources

Proof of Participation:

UHS Titans Roster,fl)/ softball/roster.htm Proof of Participation

Proof of Participation Continued:

Proof of Participation Continued Coach Kenny Walters: 386-956-7775

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

It was important to participate in this project to stay fit even during school, and to have fun my senior year . I will be playing college softball in the future, and also be working out using the fitness program Crossfit . I have learned that I have a lot of heart and passion for the game and that I am a good teammate for staying and cheering on my team and giving pep talks to players when needed even when I was injured and couldn’t play. I would recommend softball to friends and family because I have been playing since I was 4 years old and have always loved it. It's very fun and gets your heart pumping. Since this project I was named Defensive Player of the Year. Final Thoughts & Reflections

Play On!:

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