Payroll requirements are changing for recruitment agencies


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At QX Recruitment Services we have the technical knowledge and expertise to assist in all your payroll services. Recruitment agency payrolls are never very simple; from PAYE to umbrellas, from sub-contractors to master vendor arrangements – they all need to be accounted for. QX Recruitment Services has been supporting recruitment agencies for many years and also representing some of the major players in the industry. However, we also continue to assist minor agencies that are not capable to invest in a large payroll staff and software. We will deliver all the essentials ranging from a pay & bill service right through to a full finance and accounts team, reporting directly to you.


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Payroll requirements are changing for recruitment agencies Make sure you have got yourself covered with smart payroll processing

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2 Accurate timely and consistent management of the payroll process is a key objective of all recruitment companies But how often is that achieved Increasing complexity in payroll requirements is leading to costly investment by recruitment agencies with the need for more staff upgraded technology and in-house expertise on HMRC legislation. Payroll requirements are changing for recruitment agencies So what are you looking for QX smart payroll Timely payroll processing  Timesheet management  Accurate processing  Access to state-of-the-art technology  Detailed record keeping and reporting  Up-to-date knowledge on agency temporary worker and taxation legislation  Introducing QX smart payroll solution QX makes any payroll process a smart payroll process by bringing its knowledge experience and best talent under one roof to deliver: • Best practice • Continuous process improvement • Challenge assessment and advice • Partnership approach • Enhanced employee/contractor experience We use our expertise and technology to improve the experience for you and your candidates to deliver an accurate timely payroll service with efficiency improvements of up to 25 and cost savings of up to 50 against in-house delivery. Our smart payroll processes includes: • Dedicated named contact and professional payroll team • T ext communication on receipt of timesheet and payment issue • Timesheet rejection texts with resubmission request • Accurate hours calculator including split hours • E-payslips for speed and cost efficiency • Sharing e-invoices to clients through email • Advantage of time zone difference for processing

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3 Payroll requirements are changing for recruitment agencies Our teams of payroll professionals work to deliver exceptional services which include: We can provide everything from a straightforward pay bill service right through to a full finance and accounts team reporting directly to you. • Running BACS Report • Generation of payslips • RTI submission • Client invoicing • Payroll helpdesk • Pay bill daily/weekly/monthly • Timesheet processing • Gross margin report • Intermediaries reporting • Dealing with payroll queries We work with your systems to seamlessly integrate our service. The systems we use include the following but if you don’t see yours here it doesn’t mean we cannot work with it – just let us know: QX payroll services Software capabilities Having worked in Healthcare recruitment for over 13 years with another leading healthcare recruitment agency I have a wealth of experience running a Finance Department based in the UK overseeing payroll credit control sales ledger and purchase ledger. I had previously looked at the potential of outsourcing some of my payroll and accounting functions to India but did not feel this was going to add great value and would have been fraught with problems. Having now been with my current company for 9 months I am very happy to say it is a pleasure working with QX and I have been very impressed with the level of delivery both in accuracy efficiency and value for money. The QX team are always more than helpful very professional and accommodating and as a previous sceptic I can honestly say that I have been converted to outsourcing through QX The best compliment I can give to the team and the way our relationship works is that they are in effect an extended arm of our business and the relationship is the same as working with internal staff just based in another office. Julian Barford Finance Operations Manager HCL Workforce Solutions

slide 4: QX Recruitment Services Castle Chambers Off Mill Bridge Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 1NJ T: +44 870 803 1033 F: +44 1756 703 890 E: QX has provided payroll services to recruitment agencies since 2004 through our Finance Accounts Outsourcing division. In fact our first client is still with us still benefitting from our expertise software systems management reporting and ability to deliver their finance accounts and payroll services more cost effectively and efficiently than they can. Our clients include some of the largest UK recruitment businesses and NHS trusts but we also work with smaller agencies where the investment in accountancy software and a team to manage it just isn’t viable. We process over 700000 timesheets annually for clients with a cumulative annual turnover of more than £1billion. QX Limited is one of the leading business process outsourcing companies providing services to businesses in the recruitment accountancy finance software and corporate advisory sectors. We have over 600 professional experts working across 4 locations worldwide to deliver back office solutions to power superior business results for our clients. About QX

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