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At Quytech, we design and develop Interactive User Manual with Augmented Reality for different industry. With our experience in this field we know how exactly the AR mobile app development technology can benefit businesses.


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Interactive User Manual with AR

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Users can understand about the functions of the device and can get an interactive help option which scans the laptop and project the AR user manual in an interactive way. With an immersive 3D experience integrated with AR Technology will increase the information retention. AR user manual demonstrates the method in an interactive way with step by step virtual guide. Users using smart devices can easily go through details. It also reduces the time and the fear of unknown possibilities while reading the manual Utility. Benefits of Augmented Reality User Manuals  Immersive AR user manual application which helps the users to understand devices in easy manner.  The application is designed with interactive visuals like 3D models which avoid the language barrier as well as reduces many complexities.  User gets an interactive guide which clearly explains the instructions in a step by step format. The user has to follow the guide to understand the device details.  AR user manual app scans the machine and indicates the buttons in the real life environment using graphical arrows and animations with text.

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Let’s check some examples of how industry giants use AR manuals to optimize their training and maintenance processes. 1. Hyundai Motor Company is one of the first car companies that integrated AR technology into the owner’s guides and launched an AR manual for its cars. 2. The maker of luxury cars – Genesis Motors – has developed AR manuals for its 2017 G80 and G90 models in addition to traditional printed guides 3. Kia Motor Corporation - The Kia AR Owner’s Manual provides how-to guides that improve the driving experience and offers tons of useful information on the vehicle in the innovative AR format.

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At Quytech we design and develop AR mobile apps. With our experience in this field we know how exactly the AR mobile app development technology can benefit businesses. Our more than a decade of experience prepares us to deliver best solutions. If you have a query on how AR can be used for your business then no company better that Quytech can answer you. Experts at Quytech are always eager to help clients in bring innovative AR business solutions. Reference:

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