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At Quick Fi Capital we believe that every business is different. We incorporate a diverse range of capital opportunities to suit the needs of each and every client we deal with. Our quick business financing model will help provide the support your business needs to thrive. To know more visit: http://quickficapital.com


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QUICK FI CAPITAL Quick Fi Capital is nationally recognized as one of the finest lending institutions in the US. We've helped to grow many business by providing capital solutions for businesses that were left behind by outdated credit assessment criteria.

Free Cash-Flow Analysis:

Free Cash-Flow Analysis Our loan experts will contact you within 24 hours to design a financing plan for your business. All our repayment plans are flexible and we offer a diverse range of capital solutions. We know that sometimes unexpected bills can be a problem for smaller companies. That's why we make our capital available within 24 hours of approval.  If you're looking to invest in new equipment, organize your outstanding bills into one manageable payment or provide your company with a financial safety net. Contact us at anytime we'll be in touch within 48 hours to help find the right solution for your business. 

Free Cash-Flow Analysis:

Free Cash-Flow Analysis To be eligible for our small business loan program you'll need to have at least one year in business with a positive cash-flow and an Experian credit score of at least 550. Unlike conventional banks, we don't look at your entire business history, nor do we require you to be in business for 2 years. We recognize that young businesses have the most potential for growth. We seek to facilitate that growth with flexible payback terms.  Short Term Loans 3 months to 24 months, No Collateral needed Approvals and Funding’s within 24-48 Hours Flexible terms and paybacks Tax deductible Interest and usually has a positive impact on your personal/business credit

Merchant Cash Advance program:

Merchant Cash Advance program lf you don't qualify for a short term business loan, it doesn't mean you can't get access to capital. The Merchant Cash Advance program is designed for businesses that are just starting out, or clients with poor credit histories. Typically, this type of loan is repayable over 3 to 24 months, depending on your requirements. As with all our loans, terms are flexible with no collateral needed. Following approval, the cash will be transferred to your account within 48 hours .

Line of Credit Loan:

Line of Credit Loan At Quick Fi Capital we would only recommend a credit line to be used for short term expenditures. If you're interested in long term financing, we would suggest you apply for a small business loan or merchant cash advance.  The line of credit loan gives you access to a significant amount of credit, without being held against your collateral. Our expert team will provide you with all the information you need to set it up today. Insure the future of your business, with our line of credit program.

Contact Us:

Contact Us http://quickficapital.com/ 755 Waverly Avenue, Suite 216, Holtsville NY, 11742 +1 8773543863 Contact@QuickFiCapital.com

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