Creating A Test Using Test Maker, Remember These Tips

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If you are a teacher you might be regularly getting the task to develop tests but the thing you might be missing is proper training to prepare that task. With the advancement in technology many websites have come up with a solution having the name as test maker. It helps the teachers to construct tests which follow the latest format and makes the test interesting to students. It is a very good step to create a test with the help of test maker but you should also be aware of some facts regarding tests. Here are some things you should remember while creating a test. Length of the Test It is important to decide the length of the test because it greatly affects the final results. In a lengthy test few incorrect answers do not impact the results but a few wrong answers in tests of short length makes a big impact on the results. Sometimes in lengthy tests candidate lose the interest and don ’t respond seriously or accurately. So it is very important to decide the length of the test and if lengthy test is necessary the best way to create it is to split the test maker into different sections. This way candidates will not lose interest. Clear and Concise Instructions It is important to give concise and clear instructions. The best method will be to provide the candidate with an example of a problem previously worked upon because this will help the candidates to understand what exactly is being asked by the test creator. It happens that what seems clear to the test creator might not be clear to other people.

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Make it Effective by Mixing Questions It is usually beneficial to mix different types of questions such as multiple choice fill in the blanks true-false etc.. This helps in bringing out the most from a candidate. The candidate might not be comfortable with one type of questions but comfortable with other types. So this prevents the candidate ’s weaknesses to overpower his/her strengths. Accuracy When it is about considering the tests created by others checking for accuracy is a must. It is a common practice that the texts books or test questions from someone else are considered for developing new tests. There is nothing wrong in doing so the only thing one should keep in mind is to check them for accuracy. They should be accurate and appropriate to the subject. Proofread Tests Another important thing to be remembered while creating tests is to proofread them carefully. If possible you can ask some other person to proofread them. Small mistakes like wrongly numbering the responses can create big problems afterward. It is also important to check collation because missing pages can bring big trouble. Conclusion It is very easy to create a test using the test maker. It will be easier or better say enjoyable if you keep in mind some basic things about creating an exam. You can anytime visit and use the test maker on it to create your next exam.

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