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Quest Academy State- of- the- School, February 2008


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Thanks for making this available to those who were not able to attend - very informative.

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Online availability is key for us. Between our work and kids' sleep schedules, we often do not get to make it to Quest for presentations.

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State of the School: 

February 13, 2008 State of the School

What really matters in a school: 

What really matters in a school 'People RESPECT a school that runs efficiently. People VALUE a school that teaches well and is demanding. People LOVE a school that has heart and soul.' Tom Hudnut, President and CEO of Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles. Tom has headed schools for 31 years.

The Heart and Soul: 

The Heart and Soul T E A C H E R S and S T U D E N T S

Our mission: 

Our mission Quest Academy provides gifted children with a challenging curriculum and a nurturing environment. Our program emphasizes sound character along with scholarship and creativity in both the academics and the arts. The Quest community values the individuality of each child and encourages each to strive for personal excellence.


Overview School Finances/New Tuition Rate/Salary Increases Academic Performance/Indicators Academic Program Academic Support ISACS Discussion/Comments/QandA

Budget Process: 

Budget Process Administrative Staff prepares first draft Finance Committee reviews first draft Professional Staff tweaks Finance Committee recommends budget to full board Board deliberates; eventually approves Board hires independent auditors to evaluate financial records/processes Auditors spend one week on campus

The 2008-09 budget: 

The 2008-09 budget Unrestricted revenue of $5,315,718

Total Operating Expenses of 5,314,786: 

Total Operating Expenses of 5,314,786

2008-09 Tuition Rates (3.5% increase)(2007/08 LMAIS average is $17,535)Note: Chart is based on current year’s 6th grade tuitions: 

2008-09 Tuition Rates (3.5% increase)(2007/08 LMAIS average is $17,535)Note: Chart is based on current year’s 6th grade tuitions

Academic Performance Indicators: 

Academic Performance Indicators 2007 ERB scores 2007 Gifted and Talented Search Alumni Performance

2007 ERB Scores: 

2007 ERB Scores 3rd – 8th grade scores norm-referenced versus the national curve for Quest Academy and independent schools

ERB Writing Assessment Program (WRAP) at grades 4, 6 and 8: 

ERB Writing Assessment Program (WRAP) at grades 4, 6 and 8 Overall development – How well the writer communicates with the reader, shows awareness of the audience, task and purpose for writing, and writes in the appropriate mode of discourse. Organization – The writer’s ability to choose a logical plan of organization, maintain coherence throughout the paper, and create paragraphs. Support – The use of appropriate reasons, details, and examples to enhance the effect and/or support the generalizations and conclusions of the piece. Sentence Structure – Completeness, correct usage, and variety or sophistication of sentences. Word Choice – Specific vocabulary, freshness and vividness of language. Mechanics – The correct and effective use of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. 4th grade: Scores at the 67th percentile norm referenced versus independent schools (our average 4th grade score would be the equivalent to a 67th %ile level when compared to students in independent schools. 6th grade: Scores at 80th percentile norm referenced versus independent schools. 8th grade: Scores at 70th percentile norm referenced versus independent schools Great preparation for the (new) SAT Writing Assessment component

Gifted and Talented Searches: 

Gifted and Talented Searches National 2007 College-Bound Seniors' Average Scores, SAT: 1017; ACT: 21.2 (these are 12th grade student averages) Explore scores 2007 national averages: 3rd grade: 12.9; 4th grade: 14.7; 5th grade: 16.1; 6th grade: 17.5 (these are scores achieved by gifted or highly-able students) Additional Quest Academy students sat for these exams but their scores were not reported to Quest Academy. Note: SAT scores range from 400-1600 ACT highest score is 36 Explore Test is also used as a tool for high school placement in some local high schools

Alumni Performance: 

Alumni Performance Colleges/Universities attended by Quest graduates 2003-1993 Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame, DePauw University, Purdue University, Harper College, University of Virginia, Miami University of Ohio, Drexel University, New York University, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Illinois State University, University of Michigan, University of Illinois –Champaign, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Northwestern University, Elmhurst College, Georgetown University, Tufts University, Principia College, Knox College, Columbia College, University of Notre Dame, Gettysburg College, Loyola Marymount, Washington University, Iowa State, University of Tulsa, Centre College, Colorado State, Princeton University, Northern Illinois University, Carleton College, Emory University, Clemson University, University of Southern California, Mills College, College of DuPage, University of Cincinnati, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Case Western Reserve, Pomona College, Cornell University, Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Kansas, University of San Diego, Columbia University, Loyola University, Macalester College, DePaul University, American University, Brandeis University, George Washington University, Vanderbilt University, Lake Forest College, Beloit College, University of Minnesota, Eastern Illinois University, New College of Florida, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Richmond, Southern Methodist University, Trinity International University, Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Boston University, University of Iowa, Duke University, Whittier College, Berklee School of Music, Triton College, Valparaiso University, San Jose State University, Harvard, Dartmouth University, and Penn State.

Alumni Performance – Classes of 2002 and 2003 19 of 58 possible respondents (33%): 

Alumni Performance – Classes of 2002 and 2003 19 of 58 possible respondents (33%)

Classes of 2002 and 2003: 

Classes of 2002 and 2003

Classes of 2002 and 2003: 

Classes of 2002 and 2003

Class of 2003 Alumna Quote: 

Class of 2003 Alumna Quote 'Students may have accomplishments or experiences to share that are not strictly by the numbers….for example, a classmate is preparing to patent a number of inventions. I am sure a lot of other alumni are achieving wonderful things not encompassed by these survey questions, which frankly suggest that our value to the school rests merely in our test scores and college placement rates. In fact, the school ought to concern itself with our growth as curious, engaged, creative and passionate human beings.'

Quest Academy’s Academic Program: 

Quest Academy’s Academic Program Understanding by Design Quest’s curriculum is built on a foundation of conceptual understandings.   The 'big ideas,' enduring understandings, and essential questions that guide instruction not only encourage students to engage with the fundamental concepts that lie at the core of every discipline, they also serve to anchor the more quantifiable skills and knowledge they acquire, making these far more meaningful, effective, and durable.


Math Lower School accelerated by one year; guided by University of Chicago 'Everyday Math' approach Middle School Outcomes: a) Algebra I; b) Algebra I and Geometry; c) Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II; d) occasionally students will work beyond Algebra II

Feeder School Math Placements for all Incoming Freshmen Classes: 

Feeder School Math Placements for all Incoming Freshmen Classes Lake Forest Academy Fremd Elgin Academy Illinois Math and Science Academy begins in 10th grade; they follow a different sequence of math courses, but we understand that about 40% of students enter IMSA with a Geometry I level.

Math Enrichment: 

Math Enrichment The Quest Academy math program is enriched by studies of Probability, Logic/Problem-Solving, Technology, 'Speaking the Language of Algebra,' and Statistics The Quest Academy math program seeks to instill deeper mathematical knowledge (learn the algorithm versus understand the algorithm) rather than 'racing' through the usual high school sequence of courses. Technology: Graphing Calculator Geometer’s Sketchpad Mathematica (Wolfram Research)


Science Primary School Science Specialist (hands-on science) Middle School new sequence: 6th grade: Biology 7th grade: Earth Science 8th grade: Intro to Physical Science

Foreign Language: 

Foreign Language Lower School French exposure Middle School French 3x a week with either French II or French III outcomes Middle School Chinese 2 x a week (in some cases academic support); both language and culture course

The Arts: 

The Arts New 8th grade art trimester in Digital Movie-making One trimester of 8th grade art will be dedicated to a cinematography course – 'digital storytelling.' Wide assortment of performing arts options 3 choirs in Middle School Choir in Lower School Band and orchestra programs from 4th grade onwards Drama program preschool – 8th grade, including middle school performances. Strings Ensemble


Technology Lower School: Emphasis is on learning application skills Middle School: Emphasis is on computing science Faculty: hands-on training to result in certain proficiency levels for all faculty in application skills. Faculty: Integrating technology to enhance learning. Faculty: 'Power-users' will lead this effort Tools: 3-year plan to upgrade technology: laptops for all faculty, smart boards/projectors, Middle School Commons laptop program for students, software w/ particular attention to Math and Science, video cameras.

Academic Support: 

Academic Support New Structure: One Dean for Academics/Teaching/Learning/Oversight of Curriculum Review One Dean for Student Affairs/Discipline/Athletics and other extra-curriculars, Character Ed and Service Learning No divisions: One school, one program: Longitudinal view Faculty support and supervision: Improved!

Academic Support: 

Academic Support Technology Teacher of Teachers Extra-curricular Coordinator Northwestern University 'Gifted Endorsement' Master’s coursework for our faculty Faculty presentations at ISACS, national and state gifted education associations Result: A faculty of national renown

Administrative Technology: 

Administrative Technology Teacher web pages Improved website Tonight’s presentation will be immediately available via the Quest Academy website Podcasting is on our radar screen and will begin to be used as a communication tool.

ISACS Self-Study: 

ISACS Self-Study Constituent Survey Highlights Key Drivers The basis for a new strategic plan

ISACS Constituent Survey: 

ISACS Constituent Survey

ISACS Self-Study: 

ISACS Self-Study The key drivers according to our families: Academic Program Class Size Preparation for high school Faculty Peer Interactions Fine Arts

The Issue of Growth: 

The Issue of Growth

Speaking of growth…: 

Speaking of growth… 2006 and Jan. 2007 admission activity 2007 and Jan. 2008 admission activity

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