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Retirement Celebration


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RETIREMENT CELEBRATION Joyce Pines- Syndab Friday, December 28, 2012

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My Story How do I begin this incredible journey without thanking God for blessing me with parents that instilled in me the importance of prayer and good work ethics . My education began in a one room school where grades 1 – 6 were taught by one teacher. From there, I went to Wilson Hall High School, graduating-in 1968, #4 in my Class. I graduated from Ala A&M in 1972 with a degree in Business Education and Economics. Of course, on the Dean's List. After arriving in New Jersey, I continued my studies at Kean and Jersey City State receiving additional certification in Special Education. How did I get to NJ? I was recruited by Newark Public Schools and New York Board of Ed to teach here! Brave, maybe, but I was also in love. A summer romance had turn into a real relationship. New York, here I come! The relationship didn't work after 7 years but the friendship has lasted 42 years. I really have to thank him for being my motivation to leave Alabama! I also have to thank him for being so supportive! Oh, but the career has lasted 39 years! I began my career in Newark Public Schools. After 11 years, there was a budget cut and I was terminated. I was employed the next school year by Jersey City Public Schools where I ended my career. ‘ During my career, I coordinated our Black History Program for a student population and staff of over 3,000. I was given awards for outstanding community service and Outstanding Special Educator. There were a few times those little darlings kind of made me wonder if I would make it to Retirement! Thank God, I made it! The most amazing thing about this journey is the joy I feel when I see my former students functioning as contributing members to society. But I also feel the pain when I see the picture of former students in the newspaper for committing some crime. Tonight, I have a gathering of friends. Thank you for sharing this night with me.

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I would like to extend to all of you my heartfelt thanks for sharing this evening with me! It is my sincere prayer that you have a safe ride home. CATERER Sphinx INVITATIONS Reginald L. Dawkins DJ David Bethea PHOTOGRAPHER Lisa Mintz SOUVENIRS Brigette , Rowena, Teresa HOSTESSES Gina Saunders Wanda Gilyard Laura Morrast Portia Hickson

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