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Ha Long has been designated by UNESCO as world natural heritage. To the HA Long Bay, visitors were going sailing on the Bay to watch limestone islands and fossil slab is structured and majestic appearance.


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Halong Bay Travel Guide: visiting tips and plan your trip HA Long Bay is surrounded by HA Long city Cam Pha city and Van Don Island District in Quang Ninh province. Ha Long has been designated by UNESCO as world natural heritage. To the HA Long Bay visitors were going sailing on the Bay to watch limestone islands and fossil slab is structured and majestic appearance. Some of the featured attractions should contemplate when travel Halong is Hon Con Coc Hon Trong-Mai Ti Top Island Ngoc Vung Island Sung Sot Cave Thien Cung Cave Dau Go cave and Bai Tu Long Bay. Halong was also voted one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world. Halong Bay Travel - Information Halong Bay is known to be not just a UNESCO World Heritage site but also is one of the natural wonders of world renown. But few people know that the HA Long Bay complex consists of 2 beautiful bays is Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay from here on known populations of HA Long Bay is Ha Long Bay. HA Long Bay is located in the West of the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnams away Hanoi capital about 170 km or 3.5-4 hours by car. HA Long City Center is located on the North coast of the Gulf. Ha Long Bay has a total area of 1553 km2 including 2 famous Bay is Bai Tu Long in the East and Lan HA Bay where the Cat Ba Island in the South. HA Long Bay is the famous tourist destination of Vietnam with thousands of magnificent Islands the result of magical creatures. Halong tours have the advantage of magnificent scenery appealing to visitors in the country. Halong Bay Travel - Transport Motorbike/Cars The route Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Ha Long: 155 km. vehicle ride out shortest range from Hanoi to Ha long it take about 3 hours by car the journey is as follows: -Hanoi according to the route 5 - Sai Dong fork: 10 km. -From Sai Dong follow route 1 - BAC Ninh: 23 km. -From BAC Ninh along the route 18 - Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Halong: 122 km.

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The route Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Ha Long: 160 km. -Noi Bai International Airport Hanoi follow Noi Bai Road - Bac Ninh 32 km to Bac Ninh. -Connection to the highway 18A through Pha Lai Sao Do Dong Trieu Uong Bi to Halong. Visit our Tours: Follow Footstep of Top Gear in Vietnam Coach You can catch the bus in Luong Yen bus station or My Dinh bus station the first bus departs at 6:00 a.m. and the last at 5:00 p.m. the journey takes between 3-4 hours. The ride separated from 5 to 15 minutes at bus station and go to Bai Chay bus station in Halong Quang Ngai province. Ticket prices range from 5/seats to 10/beds. The train from Hanoi - Halong You can take the travel train HALONG EXPRESS depart from Gia Lam station. The train departs at 7:05 a.m takes about 5 hours to come.Price 5/one way/passenger for Local People and 15/one way/passenger for foreigners. Seaplanes Currently beyond the means of ordinary move Ha Long Bay tourist from Hanoi also have more choice with new modern and luxury seaplanes. The plane with 2 pilot seats 12 seats for passengers and a spacious window not only help tourist save travel time but also help you to glimpse of the beautiful scenery from the comfort on board and can record memorable moments of Halong Bay from an altitude of 150 to 3000 m up from sea level. Halong Bay Travel - Visiting Taxi traveling in the city:  Taxi 886 – Mong Cai: 033 886 886.  Ha Long: 033 62 62 62.  Hon Gai: 033 84 84 84

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 Mai Linh: 033 628 628 Halong Bay Cruise:  Paradise Cruises  The Emeraude  The Au Co Cruises  The Indochina Junks  Luxury Cruise Collection  The Indochina Sails  The Bhaya Halong Bay Travel - Hotel Novotel Halong As one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Ha Long Novotel Ha Long is dedicatedly designed in a modern mix of both traditional and contemporary Asian architecture. Laying at the center of Bai Chay and overlooking the majestic Ha Long Bay – one of the new seven world wonders certificated by UNESCO Novotel Ha Long offers its guests up to 214 spacious guestrooms most which have open-view balcony where you can relax yourself and indulge the magnificent view of the bay at sunset or sunrise.

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Halong Bay Travel - Attractions Bai Chay Resort: is located along the banks of HA Long Bay suitable to rest and bathe in the sea. The resort around the windswept sea year average annual temperature of about 20° c.

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Co to island: to admire the island Co with the stunning coral reefs tourist can take a boat to the island and sea bath. Co to island still untouched strokes rarely seen between the bustling atmosphere of the Ha Long tourism.

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Tuan Chau Island: is the most beautiful island of 1969 Islands in Ha Long Bay is also the only island to have populated. It features the largest man-made Vietnam coast. Tra Co coastline with white sand layer is the ideal place to have fun and participate in exciting underwater games.

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Luon Cave: with proud of a very large cave systems each cave has the beauty and the stories attached to it. One of the typical cave is Luon cave located on Bo Hon island from the Bai Chay beach 14 km. Here you can see the doll stalactites formed over millions of years with many different sizes and shapes. In front of cave is Hon Con Rua on the right is the gate of heaven. Discover more with Kayaking in Ha Long Bay tour

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Sung Sot Cave Surprises Cave: located in the central area of the world heritage site of HA Long Bay on Bo Hon island. Inside the cave are fossilised stalactites shaped extremely rich. Sung Sot Cave is located in the areas famous attractions travel Halong Ti Top Beach - Bo Nau Cave – Luon Cave – Sung Sot Cave and the French name for the cave "Grotte des surprises" Cave of surprises.

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Yen Tu Heritage site: Ha Long tourism has not only sea. Tourist can visit Yen Tu temple - the world heritage site. This is a temple shrines towers system and ancient trees swirled with natural scenery scattered from the slopes of Red Mountain to Yen Tu with.

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Cua Van Fishing Village: A fishing village in the substance free destination of travel. In here tourist not only is immersed in the peaceful peaceful space but also learn the cultural life of fishermen are learning how to canoeing fishing nét drop the sentence caught fish and shrimp ... Historical monuments in HA Long: Bai Tho Moutain heritage Temple of Tran Quoc Nghien Quang Ninh Museum ... are all the monuments are many tourists visit Ha Long. Halong Bay Travel - Food Specialties Travel to Halong - Quang Ninh in General not only beach that also many culinary specialty and salty flavor of the sea. Here are some of the specialties that you cant ignore when traveling.

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1. White sticky rice with dipped squid White sticky rice made from glutinous rice eat with dipped squid delicious pepper sauce. Price: each White sticky rice with dipped squid dish or stuffed pancake with dipped squid dish on street price from 1. Dipped squid can also buy about 12/kg.

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2. Stuffed pancake with dipped squid Pork pies with mushrooms ear mushroom and onion comes with specialty dipped squid Ha Long creating unforgettable flavor. Location enjoy: in HA Long city has streets dedicated Stuffed pancake with dipped squid in next to Bach Dang theaters many people called the street is "Stuffed pancake with dipped squid street".

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3. Ngan dish Ngan is a kind of krill bivalve such as clams can be processed in many ways: baking cleaning cooking porridge stir-fried with noodles or vegetables. Ngan can also use wine making. Location to enjoy: the restaurants the bars in Halong have Ngan dish. Want to buy Ngan or maybe wine visitors can come to the Cai Ram road and market Vuon Dao will be a lot of digging.

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4. Sa Sung Sa Sung are also called sand worm a type of seafood perhaps only in Halong. Fresh Sa Sung sauteed with garlic needed form the delicious dishes. Sa Sung dried roasted grilled or Crimson variety reclining eat crispy to drinking especially as a spice for Pho. Sa Sung are rare if cost is also very high a kg charge near 200.

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5. Sam Dishes A specialty wispy of Ha Long beach its sam - an arthropod crustaceans. From sam it can be processed very strange and delicious dishes such as Sam blood Raw Sam and Vegetable sweet and sour sam leg sam sauteed with lemon grass sam egg fried sam eggs fried with guise leaves sam steamed sam breaded fried sam cartilage grill sam fried with noodle... Location enjoy: want to enjoy sam delicious You should go to the local street Gieng Don or Cao Xanh.

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6. "Gat Gu" Cake How to make Gat Gu cake on the form the same way as Stuffed pancake. When eating pie dipped into the Cups special sauce with a piece of meat warehouse are soaked thoroughly marinated. Location enjoy: the most popular Gat Gu cake is in Tien Yen. However throughout the regions of Qu ảng Ninh can find Gat Gu cakes delicious and unique medium.

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7. Fermented Pork Roll Nem Chao of Quang Yen Ingredients for the Nem is casual things. Pig Dermis cells to small roasted bean or rice roasted peanuts was pounded and beated all are mix well. Just simple like that but through recipes mix well and mix sauces its became attractive exotic.

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8. Ca Say Tien Yen Ca Say are hybrid by ducks and geese both tasty and through Tien Yen peoples hand processing its becomes delicious. Tien Yen people made Ca Say processing its special sauce dish full cooking. A taste of fragrant sauce in the sauce of Cai Rong Cat Hai Van Yen on concentration of sweet sauce Quang Tay along with spicy Tienn Yens ginger subdued grown on home soil.

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9. Rice Wine dipping Hoanh Bo in Halong Wine is made from glutinous rice local specialties. Sticky rice does not beat it is cooked and take on brewing. When its fermented and soaked and then to soak the yeast for things taken from the Hoanh Bo forest after a while to turn into wine the wine was put out on containers to jars jugs for drinking slowly each packed a few cups. When have the guests they brought both jugs out to invite. Rice wine dipping Hoanh Bo have sweet and sour taste stimulate digestion drink very well especially in the summer. Discover Halong Bay with our tour: Cuisine of Vietnam

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Halong Bay Travel - Check-in Places The fishing village on the Bay The coastal fishing village in Halong as Vung Vieng fishing village Cua Van fishing village Ba Hang fishing village... is not only an exciting stop but also a favorite shooting spots.

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Photograph Halong Bay from seaplane The plane with 2 pilot seats 12 seats for passengers and a spacious window can comfortably watch the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay on the aircraft and recorded the memorable moments from an altitude of 150 to 3000 metres up from sea.

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Beautiful caves on HA Long Bay HA Long Bay are like painting of nature was gives a perfect beauty. And in addition be side "water and rocks" as many people often say this place is also known for the unique and beautiful caves such as Surprises cave Dau Go cave Tam Cung cave ...

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Photograph on Paradise Cruise Halong Paradise Cruise Halong is a traditional wooden sailing boat excursions around Ha Long Bay it was a favorite. With impressive architecture and sophisticated decor Paradise Cruise Halong always gives visitors the opportunity to "birth" more impressive pictures collection.

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