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The Latest Trends in Digital Marketing 2019 July 23th 2019 Abdulla Kutty Digital Marketing Digital marketing has been drastically evolving changes in the year 2019. The ability to offer a wide range of economical powerful and contemporary mechanism and medium of marketing will make a competitive edge and become able to develop new ways to grow businesses generate leads and Improve the relationship with their existing customers. Business owners are focused on adopting new trends and technologies for strengthening their marketing efforts to reach more targeted customers the Here are some key digital marketing trends to improve your marketing strategy and meet the desired outcome. 1. Voice Searching and Smart Search Voice searching and smart search are undoubtfully rising in popularity. Voice assistants like amazon Alexa google home apple home and Microsoft’s Cortana gives quick voice answers and smart search like Siri and google assistant which displays written search results .Smart speakers with an integrated virtual assistant that offers interactive actions are trending nowadays. Many brands have included voice searches in their digital marketing strategy mostly results with a probable keyword for query in their searches 2. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing 1 / 4

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Augmented reality ads are one of the major applications that are now used by some marketers. It’s a way to bring static or unreal environments into a more realistic experience something that can be integrated the offer with the reality of the buyer. Customer experience with virtual reality by allowing them to visualize their products before buying them. This trend which is not new is one of the most highlighted trends for social media marketing nowadays. 3. Micro-Moments Micro-moments are a new consumer behavior backed technique concisely in a way that is interesting to consumers all within a span of seconds. People generally make instant decisions on purchase so micro-moments that every marketer should know about is I- want-to –know moments I- Want- to- go moments I- want- to- do moments I –want- to- buy moments its all about what marketers should do to get the buyer’s attention 4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines is transforming the way the business runs today. The global leaders like Amazon Microsoft and Google extending their resources in artificial and machine learning Artificial intelligence makes the process of searching and analyzing consumer behavior easier through big data and information it allows marketers to anticipate future probable patterns of their customers. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. It focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves which can be purposefully in search optimization also and used in marketing successfully 5. Visual Search Visual search can take the user experience to a totally new level of searching. With help of visual search users can upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results. Marketers like Pinterest amazon bing eBay snap chat have moved with visual search tools lets you drag-and drop images to find similar items Now you will be able to refine the search using an image of an item that you particularly liked. 6. Personalization Content is the core of digital marketing. To stand out in 2019 we need to personalize content products emails and more. The way that consumers respond to and interact with marketing messages is changing so new content types should be considered. Traditional marketing methods like media advertising and direct mail are no longer as effective as they once were. One of the reasons for this is today’s consumers expect brands to tailor messages to their location demographics or interests. Many will not engage with or even may ignore non-personalized marketing 2 / 4

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7. Video Marketing and Live Videos Video marketing is getting popularity because of that watching about the product or services makes customers more confident in online or offline purchase decisions . More than a YouTube channel to witness higher engagement with video marketing a video post or live broadcast on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn can get more audience. Focusing more on the results with that particular product or service will have the mind of customers and success in marketing 8. Chatbots Chatbots is an artificial intelligence-based technology a new-age communication that should be characterized by using instant messaging to chat real-time with advancement quickness and accuracy in the conveyance of message facilitating next-level engagement with the audience. Chatbots therefore have come of age in terms of a powerful communication tool today. In the most simplistic manner a chatbot can be defined as a computer program that automates certain tasks typically by chatting with a user through a conversational interface 9. Social media stories and conversations Social media is already a part of our day to day life. Its the most suitable and preferred method to generate new leads and to establish the popularity of a brand through different social platforms like Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Quality in Social media stories and contents can influence customers by increasing brand awareness reach and attracts new followers by shares and views. More than a brand story to have a two-way conversation where brands speak and listen to their audience responding directly to their wants and needs and Helps to invalidate the brand name. As a brand you should share news and ideas. The idea is to educate inform and delight Thereby to increase to a number of audiences Qualess branding is a digital marketing service provider located in Calicut Provides top quality and result oriented branding and perception-based digital marketing services which include a Search engine optimizationSEOSearch engine MarketingSEMSocial media marketing SMMWeb development Web design Branding and many more. We believe innovation is our key and brilliant selection of new strategies will definitely refine success in digital marketing. Abdulla Kutty CEO/Founder 3 / 4

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The digital media marketing is dramatically changing its face day to day and the spread of information and occurs in different digital media platforms. Digital marketers should be aware of new innovative and smarter technologies with updated knowledge about its applications to generate qualified leads into customers to grow your business 4 / 4

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