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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATION Testing What is automation testing Different types of Automation Tools 1. Functional Testing Tools 2. Test Management Tools 3. Performance Testing Tools Advantages of automation testing Disadvantages of automation testing INTRODUCTION TO SELENIUM What is selenium History of selenium Advantages of Selenium Disadvantages of Selenium Difference between selenium and QTP SELENIUM COMPONENTS Selenium IDE Selenium RC Selenium Web Driver Selenium Grid SELENIUM IDEIntegrated Development Environment Introduction to IDE Installation of IDE Selenium IDE Architecture Record and Playback user interactions in IDE Analysing results in IDE What is Element/Object Element locators in application 1. ID 2. Class 3. Name 4. Xpath 5. Linktext 6. Tagname 7. CSS 8. DOM Identifying element locators using IDE What is Firebug Installation of Firebug

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Identifying locators of elements using firebug Responsibility of the Automation Tester What is Business Operations and Validations in Automation testing How selenium will Identify Elements in application Selenium IDE Commands/Selense Commands Actions AssertionsVerify Assert and Waitfor Accessors Store Commands Difference Between Verify Assert and Waitfor Designing Selenium IDE Scripts Manually using commands Converting Selenium IDE Scripts into various formats RC Webdriver Increase or decrease default time in IDE Real time example for test Script Advantages of Selenium IDE Disadvantages of Selenium IDE Introduction to JAVA Introduction to java History of Java Features of java Installation of JDK How java Works Set up path and class path Structure of java program Naming conventions in java Design Compile and execute first java program through command prompt Analyzing the output in command prompt Operators in java Data types in java Output statements in java Conditional statements in java Introduction to Eclipse What is eclipse Different IDE ’s for java in market Downloading eclipse Creating java project in eclipse What is workspace in eclipse Eclipse architecture Creating package class in eclipse

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Designing and executing java program in eclipse Analyse the results in console Java Concepts Looping statements in java Arrays in java Commenting in java String functions in java Variables in java Methods in java Static and Non static members Methods with Arguments Access Specifiers in java Constructors in java Exception handling in java Collections in java OOPS Concepts Introduction to OOPS Class Object Interface Packages in Java Inheritance Polymorphism Encapsulation Abstraction in java Selenium RC Remote Control Introduction to Selenium RC Configuration of Selenium server with Eclipse Introduction to DefaultSelenium class DefaultSelenium Arguments First Program in Selenium RC Browser Commands in Selenium RC Business Operation commands in RC Validation commands in RC Designing Test Scripts in Selenium RC Real time example by covering all the commands in RC WEB DRIVER

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Introduction to Web Driver Advantages of Web Driver Configuration of Web Driver in Eclipse Handling different browsers in Web Driver 1. Firefox 2. Chrome 3. IE Browser commands in Web Driver Working with different browsers Add-ins 1. Debug bar 2. Firebug Lite How Web Driver Identify elements Business operation commands in Web Driver Accessing RC commands in Web Driver Validation commands in Web Driver Web Elements Handling Alert Messages in Web Driver Working with XPATH Handling Mouse movements Key Board operations Reusable Methods for Validations Working with Similar elements No of links images list boxes.. Data Driven Testing Excel Notepad Console and Database Working with Web Tables Handling File uploads and downloads using AutoIT Working with multiple windows Capturing Screenshots Synchronization Point Handling frames in Application Frameworks What is Framework How it ’s important in Automation testing Different types of frameworks supporting by selenium Built in Frameworks User Defined Frameworks JUNIT What is Junit Framework Why it ’s useful for selenium Configuring Junit.jar file with eclipse What is Annotation

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Different types of annotations in Junit Design basic Junit test Ignore tests in Junit Design real time Junit tests TestNG introduction to TestNG Advantages of TestNG installing TestNG in eclipse Difference between Junit and TestNG Different annotations in TestNG Different Assertions in TestNG Design basic TestNG test using all annotations Analyzing TestNG results in various formats like HTML XML and Emailable. Prioritize the script execution in TestNG Design real time TestNG tests Execute individual TestNG tests Executing multiple TestNG tests as a suite through XML file User Defined Frameworks What is User Defined Framework Different Types of Frameworks Factors to consider to decide framework Linear Framework Data Driven Framework Keyword/Modular Framework Hybrid Driven Framework Framework Folder structure Different folders in Hybrid Framework Diff Class files in Hybrid Framework Test Script design in Hybrid Framework Test script execution in Framework Analyzing results and reporting defects MAVEN What is Maven and why Maven Installation of Maven with eclipse Setting up the maven project in eclipse What is Group ID and Artifact ID What is POM.xml file Structure of POM.xml file

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // What is dependency in POM.xml file How to add dependencies in POM.xml file How to configure build in Maven Introduction to Maven central Repository Designing Real time TestNG Tests using Maven Selenium Grid Brief introduction about selenium grid 1 and grid 2 Diff between Selenium Grid 1 vs Grid 2 What is grid hub and node Configuration Customizing the browser count during configuration of node RemoteWebDriver and DesiredCapabilities Running tests with FF IE and Chrome browsers using grid Running Single Multiple tests with Single node Running tests with Multiple nodes using testng xml Running tests Sequential and Parallel with Multiple nodes Page Object Model Introduction about Page Object Model Why Page Object Model Building pages using Page Object Model Running tests Page Factory class Building Page classes using Page Factory Running tests Source Code Management using SVN Intro about Source Code Management Configure SVN Repository SVN Clients Check-in Check-out with Tortoise SVN Eclipse Plug-in for SVN client Check-in and Checkout code with eclipse Configure SVN in Jenkins JENKINS Introduction about Continuous Integration Role of Jenkins is Application development process Configuration of Jenkins Manage Plug-ins Admin Security system Walkthrough of Jenkins UI Creation of Jobs Scheduling jobs Configure Email notifications for Automation Reports and builds status

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SELENIUM 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Creation and running selenium maven projects from local machine Creation and running Selenium Projects from Source Code Management SCM LOG4J Introduction to log4j How to solve logging problem with log4j Integrate log4j in selenium Different type of appenders in log4j APPIUM Introduction to mobile automation Introduction to Appium Appium installation and configuration Executing the scripts on mobiles and emulators

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