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Mercersburg Academy:

Mercersburg Academy Performance Assessment of 4 Year Seniors in Mathematics Class of 2012 Quenti n McDowell George Washington University EDUC 6240 – Spring II, 2012 GWID: G35555244



Citizenship/Ethnicity 4 Year Seniors:

Citizenship/Ethnicity 4 Year Seniors

Citizenship/Ethnicity Entire School:

Citizenship/Ethnicity Entire School

SAT Scores:

SAT Scores

Student Averages – Math Class 4 Year Seniors:

Student Averages – Math Class 4 Year Seniors

So, what does this all mean?:

So, what does this all mean? Are there any predictors of success in mathematics? If so, what do they appear to be? Discuss the comparison of performance between students that have been here for 4 years, or those of different nationalities or genders. Are we as a school properly addressing the needs of all of our students? What additional data would be helpful?

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