The Biggest Web Design Mistake You Don’t Want To Make


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Your website design can make or break your business ambitions. Which is why you should look at our list of mistakes website designers make. While web design might look pretty straight forward, it is more than just combining a few pictures and content together.


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Are you planning on developing a website for your business If your answer is yes then the first thing                                       that should come to your mind after determining the website goals would be how to figure out the web                                       design of your website so that it can meet those goals.    Now designing a website might seem pretty easy and you might probably be thinking that you can                                   manage that by yourself Big Mistake     While ​web design ​might look pretty straight forward it is more than just combining a few pictures and                                     content together. In fact if you have a closer look at the online world you’ll find tons of website riddled                                         web design mistakes that would probably be hampering their business objectives.                                                   There are two lines of thought regarding business websites while some believe in implementing the                               latest popular website design. On the other hand some believe that as long as their product or                                     services are great and having the simplest website design would serve their purpose.

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Both of these opinions are correct in their own regards as it mostly depends on their business objective                                     and aspirations. For those of you who want to know all the critical mistakes to avoid while designing                                     their website they are at the right place.  So let’s begin  1 Don’t forget the basic principles  People are used to things on the web in a certain way such as the brand logo on the left or the toolbar on                                                 the top left corner of the home page.    Some brands try to be creative and try to fiddle with these elements by placing the tool somewhere in                                       the middle or some other place on their website but it’s a long shot kind of thing. It might work out for                                             some but in most they fail to achieve the site’s objective.  Which is why although it’s a good idea to be creative with your website design better think twice while                                       making changes on the fundamentals.  2 Little Fonts     You might be having great content on your website but it would have no effect if the users don’t read it.                                           One of the major reasons is the size of you’re the font you are using in your website design.     You have a very short amount of time to capture the interest of the user and rest assured that majority                                         of the users will leave your site if they find it difficult to read the content.     You need to make the content of your website as readable as possible therefore it is our advice that you                                         use appropriate font size preferably around 16 px in the text body which clear to read.     3 What’s the deal with sliders     You’ll find a lot of business owners using sliders within their website design probably they look kind of                                     techy and they wanted to display multiple offers in one place. Or maybe the web designer suggested it                                     as it is an easy solution to implement.     If you have you rotating sliders in your website design then the question you need to ask yourself is if                                         these really do lead to conversion     A study from the University of Notre Dame showed that only 1 of users engage with the slider and out                                         of those 84 users clicked on the first option.

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Then why use sliders rather keep your main offer in you’re a space of your website while linking it to the                                           other offers available.     Again this is our ​take on sliders for web designs if they’re working out for your business website then                                       Kudos  4 Don’t clutter your home page     We understand that you want to explain everything about your business on your website like what you                                   do how you do it your inspirations etcetera etcetera.     But the fact is guys when users specifically searched and came to your website they are rarely looking                                     for all that. Majority of the users only want to look at your key metrics your previous customer                                     experience and how to quickly complete their business with your brand.     The best strategy for your web design would be to showcase confidence boosting elements such as client                                   reviews and accolades along with the clearly defined call to actions on top of your website.     Try to be sequential and systematically prioritize all the elements while ​designing your business                             website because if the users feel confused when they come over to your site they will immediately hit the                                       back button.  5 It’s all about CTAs     What’s the use of having great content and awesome videos if the users don’t convert Since the call to                                       action CTA button leads to successful conversions.     It’s imperative that for you to position your CTAs in prominent places where you think the conversions                                   are more like to happen.     The more call to action buttons you include in your website design the more is the probability of                                     conversion but it depends on your home page length. It’s advisable that your home page should have at                                     least 5 CTAs.     Make sure you accentuate your CTA with high contrasting colors from the rest of the home page so that                                       it stands out and catches user attention.

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Last words …     The design of your website can make or break your business ambitions. Your business website design                                 comprises quite a few technical elements all working together in sync. Which is highly advised that                                 you hire a professional website designer which ​developing your website ​.     We hope you found our tips of website design useful and hope that you make a fantastic site to fulfill                                         your entrepreneurial ventures.     All The Best            Company Name :​ ​QL Tech    Address  : ​QL Tech - 45 St Georges Terrace Ground Floor Perth 6000    Facebook : ​    Twitter : ​    Google+ : ​    Instagram : ​    Website : ​

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