How IoT in Retail Can Revive Brick and Mortar Stores


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IoT in Retail & connected technology could be the key to reviving traditional brick & mortar stores by bridging online shopping & in-store experiences.


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HOWIoTinRetail Can Revive Brick and Mortar Stores

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There are some things we love about brick and mortar retail outlets which online retail cannot compensate for. Using our senses to make decisions and being able to touch smell see and experience products cannot be replicated online. However the brick and mortar retail experience could be augmented with technology that we like about online retail too. as IoT in retail becomes the next step towards growth of retail experiences.

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Let’s take a look at how IoT is changing the Retail Industry

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Connected Inventory Management When you go to a store for something and the item on the shelf is out of stock it can be disappointing. This can be a thing of the past with IoT shelf monitoringand restocking.

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Personalized Recommendations Clicking on an item and getting recommendations for similar or complementary products. This is quite common on e-commerce websites on the same page as your selected products offering alternatives and suggestions.

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Smart Trial Rooms When it comes to apparel as much as you visualize you cannot really ‘t r y ’ clothes on E-commerce sites. Whereas in physical stores sometimes the queue destroys your willingness to even enter the trial room.

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Self Checkout Solutions Online checkout and digital payment procedures are so evolved today they rarely go beyond a minute or two. However when it comes to brick and mortar store the endless lines can kill the experience. This is also changing with self-checkout technology.

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