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Key points in the book, "Promises! Promises: Moving Forward after the Pain from Broken Promises. We've all experiences broken promises, no doubt; and it's painful. How do you get past the pain and move forward?


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Facing the truth is key to moving forward on the path to purpose

Truth #1:

Truth #1 You are NOT hopeless or alone!

Truth #2:

Truth #2 At man’s best he is still capable of breaking his promises

Truth #3:

Truth #3 The “blame game” is toxic and poisons the hope of healthy relationships

Steps to Moving Forward on the Path to Purpose:

Steps to Moving Forward on the Path to Purpose

Step #1:

Step #1 Make the decision you’re moving forward

Step #2:

Step #2 Do a self-assessment… ask yourself the tough questions.

Step #3:

Step #3 Accept personal responsibility for your actions.

Step #4:

Step #4 Respect the “time” factor… allow yourself time to heal.

The Road to Recovery:

The Road to Recovery Brings healing and hope

PowerPoint Presentation:

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