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Market Analysis of Hotel Industry BY ABLY GROUP Presentation on 8/26/2012


Index Introduction Objective Scope Research methodology Data Analysis & Interpretation Limitation Findings Conclusion 8/26/2012


INTRODUCTION Tourists: Those who must stay one or more night in the place visited. Visitors: Those people who visit a place & returns the same day. It is booming time for India’s tourism & hospitality sector. The focus of the industry is on the “ Atithi Devo Bhavah ” campaign, targeted at the inbound foreign tourists in the country. Translated literally this means “Guest is God”. The key driver for this growth in the Indian tourism industry has been a fast growing economy for the last 3-4 years. The strong performance in tourist arrivals in 2005 can be attributed to a strong sense of business & investment confidence in India inspired by: India’s strong GDP performance. Strengthening of ties with the developed countries. Opening of sectors of economy to private sectors/foreign investment. 8/26/2012

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OBJECTIVE Primary:- To study the overall quality of different services provided by the Hotel Industry. Secondary:- To find out the expectation of customers from the hotels. To find out the satisfaction or dissatisfaction level of guest from the hotels. Enhance the guest experience. 8/26/2012

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SCOPE The survey of guest gave a lot of scope to study on the hotel industry in Bhubaneswar, like the services of food & beverages, room, hygiene, facilities etc offered to the guest & the guest(customer) satisfaction rate with the quality. 8/26/2012

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Data Source Primary and Secondary Data Research Instrument Questionnaires Type of Questionnaire Closed ended, Open ended, Multiple Choices Sampling Unit Hotel’s Guest in BBSR Sampling Method Analytical Sample technique Random Sampling Contact Method Personal Interview 8/26/2012

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CONT…. Sample Size 250 Location of the Survey: BHUBANESWAR Hotel New Marion(In front of RAM MANDIR), Hotel Swosti (master Canteen), Hotel Pal Height( Jaydev Vihar ), Saraswati Retreat( Nayapalli ), Bari international(CRP Sqr . ID mrkt ), Hotel empire( Shahid Nagar). 8/26/2012

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Data Analysis & Interpretation 8/26/2012

1. How did you heard about the hotel?:

1. How did you heard about the hotel? Interpretation:- Many of the people heard about the hotel from the friends(42.73%) and then from the business associates (25.35%). 8/26/2012

2. How did you make your reservation?:

2. How did you make your reservation? Interpretation:- 35% of the visitor confirmed their reservation by other sources then 30% people reserved by the Travel agency. 8/26/2012

3. What is the purpose of your visit?:

3. What is the purpose of your visit? Interpretation :- people comes to visit Bhubaneswar for other purposes which is (33.45%),then leisure(22%) and tourist places in the Bhubaneswar. 8/26/2012

4. What do you think about the house keeping service of this hotel?:

4. What do you think about the house keeping service of this hotel? Interpretation :- Most of the people agree that the house keeping service of those hotel is Good (60.72%). 8/26/2012

5. How would you rate the quality of the overall services?:

5. How would you rate the quality of the overall services? Interpretation :- From the above diagram we inferred that most of the people think that the quality of the hotel is good(50.23%) . 8/26/2012

6. Do you think you will book again to stay in your hotel in the near future?:

6. Do you think you will book again to stay in your hotel in the near future? Interpretation:- From this chart we see that 32% people will certainly want to book the hotel and 36% people probably book again to stay in the hotel in the near future . 8/26/2012


LIMITATION The time span for conducting market survey was short. Samples size was very less for gathering the accurate data. Initiative was taken by very few people. The time period of the study was not sufficient to measure the interviewer’s response effectively and reach to a more valid conclusion. Many of the respondents may not have given the correct information due to personal bias. Gathering and processing data are very expensive and it is very time consuming. Difficulties in convincing and obtaining permission from hotel staff. 8/26/2012

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FINDINGS The standard of service level provided to the guest is Good. The ratio of quality & services is Good. People heard about the hotels mostly from their friends and from associates. Many guest comes to the hotel through the others and then from travel agencies. Most of them came to the hotel for other purpose, leisure, visiting the places and different functions. Housekeeping status- Excellent-9.13%, Good-60.72%, Fair- 27.1%, Poor-3.05%. 8/26/2012


CONCLUSION As we have done the survey to find the overall quality of different services provided by the Hotel Industry and the expectation of customers from the hotel are good. Hotel business is increasing day by day in Bhubaneswar. Most of the guest or customer came to Bhubaneswar for seeing a temple and enjoy over here and also for other purposes. As a management student we can say, the hotels should increase the service quality to enhance the guest experience. 8/26/2012


THANK YOU….. 8/26/2012

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