Useful Tips to Control your diabetes(pp

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Useful Tips to Control your diabetes :

Useful Tips to Control your diabetes

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As we all know how widely is diabetes spread not only in India but even outside. In a very simple language, it is a condition of the body where your blood contains a high level of sugar. Sugar is present in our blood as our body converts much of food into sugar, which reaches the cells through blood. Sugar provides energy to our body. With the help of insulin, blood sugar levels can be controlled .

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You can control your diabetes by taking little extra care of yourself. Let's know how to control diabetes - Get yourself tested as soon as the symptoms show only then you can follow the prevention tips After being tested, take timely medications as directed by the doctor Buying a sugar test machine to track sugar levels. A sugar test machine price ranges from Rs. 115-4999 depending on the features. Enhance vitamin D blood levels to improve insulin sensitivity Regular exercises and walking is a must

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Your diet does play an important role in controlling, so : Take a balanced diet. A doctor or a dietician can be consulted Eating at the same time each day is a good trick to control blood sugar level Skipping meals is not an option, it can create disturbance in blood sugar levels Choosing on foods which are low in fat, low in sugar, high in fibre and low in sodium Avoid artificial sweeteners they can make the situations even worst  

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