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Pushpak Infrasteel Pvt. Ltd. Color Coated Sheets manufacturer

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Color Coated Sheets manufacturer These Color Coated Sheets are the roofing sheets in there is a thick coating of colors on the metal sheets. The wide range of colors is applied on the sheets to provide aesthetic look to these sheets. For enhancing reflective properties of the roofing sheets color coating plays an important role.

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Advantages Color coating besides giving aesthetic look to sheets is also very helpful in enhancing the life of these. Different colors have different reflective properties and most appropriate colors are chosen among these for suitable purposes. Corrosion and further damages can be properly avoided by choosing proper thickness of colors.

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Features Attractive look Can be fabricated and erected with immense ease Excellent insulation No cold bridging No tear-off or wear-off Anti-corrosion Easy to install and it requires less time Provides proper ventilation The sheets have standard thickness that allows no leakage Extremely weatherproof and hence doesn’t allow sunrays wind Colors used are non-toxic and environment friendly Availability in various color Is fitted quickly and simply Owing to galvanized surface these is good finish and shining Low heat conductivity Available at reasonable cost

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Color Coated Sheets manufacturer

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Contact Us: Address: Office No. 506 Suyog Center Gultekdi Market Yard Patanjali Mega Store Pune - 411037 Maharashtra India Number: +91 - 98908 55558 Email:

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