Why You Should Invest in Smart Content Instead of More Content


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Today’s B2B customers are reeling from content overload. However, they are still consuming content regardless of the glut. And if they are not consuming yours, then they are most likely consuming your competitor’s content. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt a smart content marketing strategy – one that relies on smart content, and not just more content.


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Smart Content Why You Should Invest in Smart Content Instead of Just More Content

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B2Cs B2Bs Small Businesses 77 93 94 all use content marketing to sell promote and engage with prospective customers Recent studies show that

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Content Shock The emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it. As a result today’s consumers are suffering from content shock.

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The key is to produce not more content but smart content. Smart content Content that has a higher potential for reaching and being consumed by target buyers

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Today’s content consumption falls under the three following patterns: In order to produce smart content today’s marketers need to understand current content consumption patterns… Seeking Snacking Selecting

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…and the content types that fit these content patterns.

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It’s important to realize that you cannot stop making content. B2B marketers must have a strategy in place if they are to remain relevant in today ’s content-saturated marketplace. To learn more about developing a smart content strategy – and how to to execute a smart content plan – download Purplepatch ’s free ebook at here Download Now

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About Us Since 2004 we ’ve been doing only one thing: helping create stories and telling them well. Purplepatch Services works with technology product and services firms to create compelling stories that help them convince their audiences. Right from conceptualizing it to actually telling it to the listening market place. We take pride in delivering informed creativity that helps our customers truly achieve growth by being relevant sensitive and inspirational to their markets. Our customers are able to move from talking “geek ” to presenting “understandable big pictures ” to their buyers. And the rest as they say is really simple. 1248 Reamwood Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94089 408.743.4424 infopurplepatchservices.com

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