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Brand Mantra::

Brand Mantra: “Respect Is Always Earned By The Mature Decision, As & When The Work Is Done With - Full Sincerity & Loyalty.” - P.V.Purohit (In 2011)

Category Membership::

Category Membership: “My this Brand is as specially Launched for all the Employers and Employees, for creating a LifeTime Relationship with them all..”

Point Of Parity::

Point Of Parity: Leadership Quality.. Better Planning.. Analytical Ability.. Hard Working.. Sincerity Towards Work.. Good Decision Making.. Goal Oriented.. Problem Solving..

Point Of Differentiation::

Point Of Differentiation: Always Punctual. Being What I Am, I Am. Adjustable To Any Situation. Disturbance Handling. Empathy. Focused. 360 o Thinking. Value Creation.

Secondary Association::

Secondary Association: “Everyone knows, that for constructing a Small Or a Big Empire, A Strong Foundation is very much Essential.” Today, among all of us, Mr. Parth V. Purohit is Presented here, Who has done his: Graduation, from No.1 Commerce College- H.L.C.C. M.B.A, from Best among all Universities-IGNOU. P.G.D.I.B.M, form 1 of the Top 15 Association in all over India-A.M.A D.I.M, from A.M.A

My Promise::

My Promise: “Personal Branding Is A Promise... This Promise Is An Assurance Of Giving, Quality & Elegance”

Thanks a Lot For Considering Me As Your Lovable Brand…:

Thanks a Lot For Considering Me As Your Lovable Brand…

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