Air farming- The lucrative business of selling fresh air

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Air Farming: The Lucrative Business of Selling Fresh Air As the world’s population grows bigger by the day the natural resources are seeing a rapid decline as well. Land water and air pollution have become serious problems in many countries all over the globe. But did you know that even something that was supposed to be as free and readily available as air is already starting to become more of a luxury Yes to breathe fresh air does come with a price these days and apparently someone discovered that selling fresh air in a bottle could actually become a lucrative business. Leo De Watts a businessman from Britain took the whole concept of farming to the next level after recently starting the business of selling bottled air. Founded several months ago Aethaer is a family run business that has quickly grown from being a simple startup to a promising venture. De Watts basically harvests and sells pure British air wherein one jar of 580ml costs 80 pounds or more than 100 dollars. The business is enjoying a full blown success as there are now bigger demands for bottled air. because everybody needs a breath of fresh air

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Air Farming: The Lucrative Business of Selling Fresh Air As a one of a kind service De Watts runs down valleys and climbs up mountains day and night to get some fresh air in a bottle. This is to cater to the varying demands of customers as there are some who prefer air collected during windy days while others want still night air. The residents of the most populated cities of China are currently the biggest buyers including the citizens of Shanghai Beijing and Hong Kong. It is not a secret that the country’s problem with air pollution has already reached the extremely dangerous levels and many people consider the launch of Aethaer as perfectly timely. Back in December 2015 around the time of the establishment of the company the city government of Beijing released its first ever red alert due to the severe levels of smog in the area. Despite the high demands for bottled air among the Chinese citizens there are some experts who claim that buying fresh air in a bottle is not really the solution to the pollution issues faced by China. However more and more buyers these days appear to be more interested in this unique product as a form of novelty gift instead of its actual use. Apart from the exceptional labor required for collecting fresh air using large nets followed by the individual packaging bottled air’s real luxury lies in the jars. Since these are made from glass the jars hold in everything coming from the farms fields and beyond. For many consumers aside from the chance to breathe fresh air opening the jars is just one great treat that cannot be compared to anything else. The whole idea of selling fresh air in a bottle to avoid health problems originally came from Vitality Air a company based in Canada. The founders started the business of bottled air from a ski resort selling the products online for fun in 2015. The venture grew quickly and soon they were selling thousands of bottles for about 20 dollars per canister. In the UK Leo De Watts continues to widen his market as he now travels to East Asia and offers premium bottled air to people who either want to avoid health problems or just love to enjoy the luxury of breathing in fresh and natural air. because everybody needs a breath of fresh air

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