Brief Guide to Carbon Block Filter for Aquarium


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The water running through taps is treated with Chlorine or Chloramine for disinfection. However, it’s highly toxic for the fish in the aquarium. Having a carbon block filter Aquarium set will prevent any toxicity in the water and offer a healthy aquarium for the fish. PurelyH2O offers reliable commercial grade carbon filter sets online.


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Brief Guide to Carbon Block Filter for Aquarium

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Keeping it clean and healthy, that’s what you want in your Aquarium, right? However, maintaining it isn’t easy because of the set of challenges welcoming you. As it appears, there’s no mistake that water filtration technologies have improved over the years and manufacturers have started adding more than 4 stages for water filtration. Innovative ways have been employed in designing and manufacturing carbon block filter aquarium to do what’s needed and expected from them. Read to know more… Activated Carbon Carbon filtration isn’t a new concept at all. How do you think our ancestors drank clean water without having an RO or filtration system? Indeed, it’s the activated carbon that filters out more than dirt. It is helpful in removing odor, contaminants, and other pollutants. With increased porosity, the activated carbon allows superior adsorption in the individual granules. Consequently, the dissolved solids accumulate via adsorption and contaminants get a respite from the water. Why carbon is better than anything? It’s cheap, easily available, and effective.

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Granular Activated Carbon v/s Carbon Block What makes the latter a better choice of the two? In a Carbon Block, you will find granules made of a finer mesh as compared to the Granular Activated Carbon. The porosity is far more uniform and stable in the carbon block, thus enhances the overall effectiveness in attracting contaminants. If you will research further, you can discover that Carbon Block utilizes at least three processes for removing or reducing contaminants in the water. Explore the information about Carbon Block, Granule Activated Carbon, Filtration Systems, Aquarium Float Valve , and other components available online.

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