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Pure Liquid Zeolite:

Pure Liquid Zeolite Heal your Body with this One Natural Mineral

What is Zeolite:

Zeolite is composed of hydrated sodium alumino silicate Liquid zeolite is completely natural and 100% non-toxic What is Zeolite

Uses of Zeolite:

Extremely safe & non-toxic Acts as a powerful antioxidant Helps to removes heavy metals Remove pesticides, herbicides and dioxins Helps to buffer body pH to a healthy alkalinity Helps to buffer blood sugar Helps to reduce cancer risk Uses of Zeolite

Our Products:

Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite MegaDefense Our Products

Contact Us:

Contact No: 321-215-4606 Email: pureliquidzeolite@gmail.com Website : http://www.pureliquidzeolite.com / Contact Us

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