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Here Are NetApp NS0-159Exam Questions

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Question :1 With which type of I/O is data compaction beneficial A. I/O and files 16 KB or larger B. I/O and files 8 KB or larger C. I/O and files less than 2 KB D. I/O and files 4 KB or larger Answer: D https://www.certs4you.com/netapp/NS0-159-dumps.html

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Question :2 You configure a new LUN on a NetApp cluster and you can successfully access it from the host. Anapplication using the new LUN is having storage performance problems and ONTAP is reporting misalignmenton the LUN. In this scenario what is causing the performance and misalignment problems A. The LUN was created with the incorrect OS type. B. The host does not support ALUA. C. The igroup is configured without Selective LUN Mapping SLM. D. The host is using a non-optimized SAN path. Answer: A https://www.certs4you.com/netapp/NS0-159-dumps.html

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Question :3 A customer wants to add nodes to an 8-node AFF A700 NAS cluster. In this scenario what is the maximum number of additional nodes A. 12 B. 24 C. 8 D. 16 Answer: B https://www.certs4you.com/netapp/NS0-159-dumps.html

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Question :4 You have an AFF A300 2-node cluster and are adding a FAS8200 to this cluster for additional storagecapacity. You want to move a volume to one of the FAS8200 nodes. Which ONTAP command is used to accomplish this task A. volume move B. volume rehost C. volume aggr vacate D. aggr relocate Answer: A https://www.certs4you.com/netapp/NS0-159-dumps.html

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Question :5 Your company has two separate untrusted Active Directory AD domains. You need to serve CIFS shares tousers in both AD domains and will later merge to one AD domain. The end goal is to serve all CIFS shares outof a single SVM. In this scenario which two actions will meet both requirements Choose two. A. Create two SVMs. B. Execute thevolume rehostcommand. C. Create one SVM. D. Execute thevolume modifycommand. Answer: A D https://www.certs4you.com/netapp/NS0-159-dumps.html

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