Area Rugs For Hospitality Industry

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Area Rugs for Hospitality Industry

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The Aesthetic Appeal In the bedrooms the classic felt carpet FELTRO features as a rug creating a cosy ambiance while the hallways are laid with the coir product PORTA which works as a dirt trap and is practically indestructible. Rugs were also chosen for The Omnia in Zermatt – but some wall-to-wall carpets have been used here as well.

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The Customized Quotient Isn’t luxury a part of guests pampering Sure is. So why not ofer the maximum luxury through floor work. And the best way to achieve the taste perception the space the speaks your eccentricity is through customization.

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High or low – we got you covered The space plays an important role You may have high space or low space we got you coverd.For example if you have 5 star hotel. This doesn’t just mean choosing just the best material for the space but this means telling a story with your design choices and creating an experience that’s unique – and our craftsmen do complete justice to this requirement.

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