Tips For Clipping and Grooming Your Dog

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A well-groomed and clipped dog will improve dog’s appearance. In this presentation, Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, Inc; provides tips for clipping & grooming your dog. For advice call 405.348.2800 or visit


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Chose The Clipper Professionals use standard clippers for all-around grooming and small ones for legs ears and face. If you are not hiring a professional for grooming then try to buy the most expensive clipper you can afford so that you get a smooth finish with for best results

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Teach Your Dog Before you start clipping teach your dog about the clipper. Let him become familiar with the clipper noise. Give him treat and help him to realize that the clipper is doing a good thing.

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Prepare The Coat Give a thorough bath with shampoo and conditioner. Let him dry and use hair shinner to remove hair knots and tangles. Try to avoid clipping when the dog’s coat is dirty. This dirt may clog the clipper and make your job difficult.

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Finally Clipping Grooming It’s time to clipping and grooming your dog’s coat. Go with the hair not against it. Cutting against the hair may result in cut wounds or burns on the dog’s skin. Take short breaks if the clipping took a long time. Give him treat to realize him that he did a great job.

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