Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

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In this presentation, Senior Care Referral Services discuss on essential commands you can teach your dog. Visit or call 405.348.2800 for more information.


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SIT It is the easiest command to start with   - Hold a treat close to your dog.  - Move your hand up and your dog will follow the treat. This step makes him sit.  - Once he is in sitting position say “sit” and give him the treat. Repeat these steps few times every day until he learns the command. When he is master of using the command use it in a different situation.

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COME If you lose grip of the leash or accidentally your dog ran away from you teaching this command will help you to bring him back.  - Put leash and collar on your dog.  - Pull the leash and say "come".  - When he comes to you reward him with a treat. Repeat this sequence a few times every day. Once he is mastered on this remove the leash and practice the command.

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STAY This command is a bit difficult to teach. Once he is a master in sit command Then you can teach your dog how to stay. This is an exercise that will help you to keep your dog quiet.  - First ask your dog to sit.  - Open the palm in front of your dog and say "stay". Go back few steps and wait a while. Always reward him with a treat even if it is just for few seconds.

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DOWN This can be the most difficult dog obedience training. This training will help your dog to stay positive and relaxed. - Find a good smelling treat and hold it in your closed fist. - Hold your hand in front of your dog’s nose. When he smells it move your hand to the floor so that he can follow your hand. - Slide your hand along the ground and encourage his body to follow. - Once he is in the down position say down and share your affection by rewarding him with a treat. Repeat it every day. If your dog tries to sit say no and take away your hand. Encourage your dog to do so with rewards as he is working hard to figure it out.

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