Venture Capital

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Venture Capital : 

Venture Capital

Definition : 

Definition Venture capital is defined as long-term funds in equity or semi-equity form to finance hi-tech projects involving high risk and yet having strong potential of high profitability.

Features :- : 

Features :- Invt. Made in equity, investors wait for 5-7 years to reap the benefits of capital gain. Investments are made in innovative projects Investors does not interfere in day-to-day business affairs. Capital need not to be repaid in the course of business but realized through exist route (stock exchange)

Venture capital Investment process : 

Venture capital Investment process Establishment of contact between the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist. Preliminary Evaluation Detailed approval. Sensitivity analysis. Investment in the project Monitoring the project and post investment support.

Stages in Venture Capital financing : 

Stages in Venture Capital financing Early stage financing Seed Capital Start-up stage financing Second round financing Later stage financing Expansion finance Replacement capital Management capital Rescue capital.

Types of Venture Capital Organization : 

Types of Venture Capital Organization Captive venture capital funds Independent venture capital funds Government funds

Exit route for Venture Capital : 

Exit route for Venture Capital Going Public. Sale of shares to entrepreneurs. Sale of company to another company. Finding a new investor. Liquidation.

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