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Blue bird flight academy is one of the best flying clubs / schools in India which is engaged to proving pilot training in India, cheapest pilot training, pilot certification courses in India, USA and Canada. Blue Bird Flight Academy is a Transport Canada Approved Flight Training school with License No.-10956. This best flight school in India was set up for providing best pilot training courses, commercial pilot training courses, private pilots in India. Why Blue Bird is the Best Flight School In India? 1.A bricks and mortar facility with classrooms, helpful teaching aids, and a supportive learning environment. 2.A staff of flight instructors from which to choose. 3.A proven training curriculum. 4.A fleet of reliable training aircraft. 5.An efficient scheduling system for aircraft and instructor. 6.Flexible hours to fit your training schedule. 7.Experience in teaching primary students. 8.Supplies to loan, rent, or sell such as headsets, Global Positioning System GPS navigation receivers, and aeronautical charts. 9.Financing arrangements to help you manage the cost of learning to fly.

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Blue Bird- Flying Club in India & Canada And London Airport 1.Situated at The London International Airport CYXU offering students: Four runways with 24-hour access. 2.London International Airport has it all - ILS, NDB, VOR, and RNAV Approaches. Only Airport in Ontario where it take less than 5 minutes to get to the designated practice areas, 3.where as it takes allot more time from the other airports . 4.Saving your precious flying time only for education . Faculty: The Chief Flight Instructor himself holding about 16000 Hours is a DFTED designated Flight Test Examiner for Transport Canada. Our instructors enjoy a good rapport with all nationalities. Our experience in training overseas students is evidenced by the fact that we undertake ab -initio and advanced training programmers for numerous Universities .

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Contact Details : Blue Bird Flight Academy Canada Office 2465 Aviation Lane, Unit # 2, London, ON. N5V 3Z9 Canada Call Us at :1-519-451-3500 Toll Free : 1-888-451-BBFA Fax:1-519-451-3600 email : a�� India Office 209 Ansal classique Tower Rajouri Garden New Delhi 110027 Phone: +919818411527 We offer a variety of Sight Seeing flights. Experience the world from the skies- from a different perspective. Fly above the souring skies of London, Ontario or breathtaking Toronto skyline and Niagara Falls. Come and experience the thrill of Flying with birds. Sight Seeing Choices are as follows; Over London Downtown & Green Farmland. Long Point Bay - Lake Erie Toronto Downtown Skyline - Around CN Tower Niagara Falls Pelee Island & Pelee Point To book your flight, simply call up or email us and we will reserve an aircraft with pilot exclusive for you.

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