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Energy Audits Energy is getting scarce.. and is available at a premium! The poor Power management and wastage of power is sure to eat into your profits. However, the culprit is invisible and identifying it is a challenging task. The Problem.. Voltage Fluctuations Surges and Spikes Voltage Drops Unbalanced Voltage Poor Power Factor. Energy inefficient equipment. Inadequate motor loading. The Symptoms.. Equipment and Switch Gear over Heating Frequent Shutdowns & Early Failure Reduction in Efficiency Power Loss Equipment Malfunction Power Factor Penalties Increased Conductor Losses Frequent use of Generators Increased Power Bills Production Loss Increased Maintenance Bill. These factors may result in as much as 20% of energy losses and can even permanently damage your machines and equipment.

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The Diagnosis - Energy Audit.. The team of professionals at UPES can conduct a detailed study of your works. In this study, our expert energy auditors will analyze : How much energy your unit / factory consumes Energy losses occurring in your system Methods to curb the losses and save energy Techno-economic feasibility Also, Improvement in Plant facility

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Scope of Energy Audit.. It identifies energy loss that occurs in industry due to various reasons. It establishes quantum of energy loss. It suggests various methods of saving energy by improving network layout, installing energy saving devices, having energy efficient equipment and optimizing capacities of equipment. It determines the payback period by comparing money invested in energy saving equipment against money saved due to installation of energy saving equipment. Providing Vender List

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Benefits To Users.. Saving in Energy of 10 to 30% Saving of penalties like power factor penalty etc. Improvement in quality of Energy Increased Productivity Reduced cost of maintenance Fewer breakdowns Better safety and protection Identification of all points of energy loss Formulating strategies of energy and fuel saving


RESOURCES We are pleased to inform you that University won the second prize for its effort in promotion and implementation of energy conservation in the state of Uttrakhand for the period 2006-09. Our Energy auditor also won the first prize in Energy auditor category of Govt. of Uttarakhand. A team of strong technical energy system professional led by Dr. Kamal Bansal Certified Energy auditor Mrs. Madhu Sharma M.Tech. -Energy Management Mr. Pankaj Sharma M.Tech. – Industrial Production Mr. C.P. sharma Adjunct Professor (Power Systems) UPES, Rtd. Director UPCL Mr. Anil Kumar Adjunct Professor ,UPES Certified Energy auditor


RESOURCES List of Audit Instrument Flue gas Analyzer Temperature Indicator Infrared Thermometer Thermal Insulation Scanner Steam Tap Monitor Conductivity Meter pH meter Thermo Hygro Meter Ultrasonic flowmeter Manometer Non Contact Tachometer Demand Analyzer Power Analyzer Harmonic Analyzer Luxmeter Clamp on Dig. Watt Meter Clamp on Dig. PF Meter Clamp on amp. Meter Digital Multimeter Frequency Meter

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RESOURCES Credentials 1. Energy Audit of Flex Foods Ltd., Dehradun 2. Director General (Health) Building, Dehradun 3. INDO TIBET Border Police (ITBP), Dehradun 4. Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Dehradun

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METHODOLOGY Support Required: Permission for our staff. Sharing of Electricity Bills / PCB report & other relevant documents with us. Attaching your technical person with us during Audit.

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