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Leveraging Technology for Transparent Recruitment. Designed By : Puneet Kumar Jain UPP Bharti Avam Pronnati Board Vidhan Sabha Marg Lucknow-226001 (for more information please contact: )

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The essential elements of the Processes are: Minimum Human intervention in the evaluation process. Documentation of performance, archived and available to all for review for maximum transparency. Minimizing the role of discretion Prompt grievance redressal procedure The process makes the recruitment fair, enthuses confidence in potential candidates by empowering them to compete on the strength of their capability. * Mrs Renuka Mishra, IPS formulated a paper on Transparent Recruitment Process as part of the Police Mission initiatives, which formed the basis of the new processes Transparent Recruitment Process: Essence:*

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Stages: Application Process Preliminary Written Examination Physical Efficiency Test Main Written Examination Document Verification and Medical Examination

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Application form & Database Generation

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From an OMR / ICR* based system, is being gradually replaced by an Online Application process that captures the candidates”- Personal and educational particulars. Identification particulars- scanned photo, biometrics / Finger prints etc at defined resolution for clarity. Fee payment details Headers for all certificates like education, reservation category etc, Height weight details and name / registration number of doctor issuing certificate. etc. which are used later in the document verification process. Logical Software based checks: for Date of Birth, reservation claim and certificate header, identification of duplicates on the basis of triangulation with Class X and XII Board exams roll numbers, DOB and PIN code; UID if mandated; DOB, Category and Roll Number confirmed twice * OMR (Optical Character Recognition)/ ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) are expensive, time consuming and redundant now a all candidates have access to Cyber cafes/ Community service centers. Application Process

OMR Application Form:

OMR Application Form

Online Application Form:

Online Application Form

ICR Application Form:

ICR Application Form *************************************

Number of candidates / exam size::

Number of candidates / exam size: Sr.No Description Const. Recruitment 2009 S.I. Recruitment 2011 Const. Recruitment 2011 1 Forms given to Postal Dept. 1184537 800000 1975000 2 Filled forms recd. from Postal Dept. 755898 531239 1469236 3 Admit Cards issued for PST 721507 501317 1320590 4 Admit Cards issued for Preliminary Examination ---- 277066 ---- 5 Admit Cards issued for Mains Examination 224720 ---- ---- 6 Selected Candidates 35859 U / P U / P

Choice of Outsourcing agency:

Choice of Outsourcing agency Important to have an experienced Agency with a sufficiently heavy Bank Guarantee, which itself will filter non-serious players in a bidding. Ask for quality checks to be used by the company in the technical bid. Ensure sufficient penalty clause for mistakes and non-performance, with provision to reject the result on certain criteria

Database generation, analysis and issue of Admit Cards:

Database generation, analysis and issue of Admit Cards The various parameters are then applied to the database to filter out the non- eligible candidates if any. The list of rejected candidates along with their reasons of rejections and images of their application form is then uploaded on to the Board website. The eligible candidates are issued dates for the preliminary examination and their admit card made available online on the website for downloading with provision for grievance redressal if problems in downloading.

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Screen shot of Online Admit Card

Preliminary Written Test :

Preliminary Written Test This ensures that the numbers for the main exam are such that one can avoid copying/ use of unfair means through proper supervision. Objective type and of qualifying nature. Keep just one paper with sections as two papers would double the cost and processing time in scanning. Have multiple series (X40) to prevent mass copying. Minimum mark – optional From the candidates who pass the preliminary written test, a number equal to ten times the number of vacancies selected for next step. Caution: Ensures enough numbers for each reservation category!

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The Physical Efficiency Test

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The Physical Efficiency Test (PET) The candidates qualifying Preliminary written test appear in a PET The PET is the one which relies on the usage of the advanced technologies like RFID. RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology, which includes wireless data capture and transaction processing. The most common usage of RFID is asset tracking, at airports for Baggage handling, access control, supply chain management, race timing etc. At UPPRPB, we use the race timing aspect of RFID. Race timer’s system handles high densities of runners and provides instant results in real time. Benefits of RFID: RFID system provides accurate reads up to 20 meters, allowing administrators to identify runners in seconds and providing real time information about the runners including their lap timing and laps already run by the runner

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The Physical Efficiency Test Technologies available: MAT technology : In this process, the runners are issued chips which have to worn by them on their ankles. The data is captured by RFID mats which are laid down on the race track and the runners pass over them thereby capturing the data. A CCTV recording is also done at the event to capture the whole event for archival and record keeping purpose.

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The Physical Efficiency Test RFID system used for Promotion Exams at UPPRPB Overhead RFID Antennas : In this process, the runners are issued chips which can be worn by them anywhere on their body. It can be concealed in a bib or worn on the shoulder. The runners pass through the RFID gate to register their time. This is a more weather proof, robust and a cost effective technology.

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OMR Answer Sheets for Main Written Examinations

The OMR Response Sheet:

The OMR Response Sheet The OMR response sheet is in triplicate for utmost transparency: Original Response Sheet- used for scanning at the spot. Carbonless copy of the response sheet for the Board known as Board Copy- sealed at the examination hall and sent by post to the board and kept sealed for reference and disputes resolution Carbonless copy of the response sheet for the candidates known as the Candidates Copy.

Original Response Sheet:

Original Response Sheet

Board Copy of Response Sheet:

Board Copy of Response Sheet

Candidate’s Copy of Response Sheet:

Candidate’s Copy of Response Sheet

OMR Answer Sheet:

OMR Answer Sheet Part – A containing the Roll No. Part – B containing the Responses.

The Process:

The Process After the examination process is over the OMR Sheet, Board Copy and Candidate’s Copy are separated. The Board Copy is sealed and sent to the Board. The OMR response sheet is further perforated into two parts so that the response sheet gets separated from the identification part. They are then packed separately and sealed and sent for scanning at the designated district. Scanning of OMR Answer Sheets starts immediately after the examination process is over

The Process:

The Process This separate scanning ensures that the identity of the candidate is not disclosed s at any stage. The data is scanned separately for both the parts at the designated decentralized locations and sent to the Board. Images are also scanned for both the parts. The two parts of the answer sheet are separated at the examination centre to conceal the identity of the applicant.

The Process at the Board:

The Process at the Board Once the data is received at the Board, the images scanned are uploaded on the Boards Website, for display to the appeared candidates along with the answer key to the question paper.

The Result Process:

The Result Process Once the key has been published online, objections to the Answer key are invited. A fee per question (returnable if objection sustained) avoids non-serious objections, A software to update and display objections on line ensures non repetitive queries If any objections are sustained, the key is moderated and the result is prepared keeping in mind the various vertical and horizontal reservation rules applicable in the state. After the result has been compiled and checked, it is made available to the candidates on the website of the Board and via SMS Services.

Key Elements of the Whole Process:

Key Elements of the Whole Process Barcodes : Barcodes play a vital role in the whole pre-examination and post examination process. During pre-examinations , barcodes are used to identify the form and archival purposes. They are the form identifying for the applicants. They form the key element in the e-retrieval of the forms in case the need arises. During the examination process , barcodes play the most vital part of concealing the identity of the candidate. They are the link that join the perforated sheets and help in collating the data of an applicant.

Biometric Process:

Biometric Process Biometric Data of the applicant is recorded during the application and examination processes. There are several ways of capturing this at the written examination: At the entrance, matched with the form, requires scanners and barcode readers to bring up data accurately from the Admit Card. Requires early reporting time. Capturing impression at the examination venue during exams. - Useful for on the spot check as well as archiving for future.

Scrutiny of Documents and Medical Examination:

Scrutiny of Documents and Medical Examination

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Scrutiny of Documents and Medical Examination On the basis of marks obtained by each candidate in physical efficiency test and main written examination a list of eligible candidates will be prepared category wise. There are two sequential stages in this process : Scrutiny of documents. The Medical Board shall examine candidates according to “Police Recruitment Medical Examination Form” as prescribed and codified by the Head of Department in consultation with Director General Medical Health. At the end of the day, the data is uploaded to the Board on a daily basis

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Process (Document Verification) There are 3 gazetted officers who check documents of the candidates according to the information furnished in the application form. For the document verification purpose, a special Software has been developed to make changes if needed, keep logs for the sanctity of the database.

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Process (Document Verification ) Changes if any during the verification, are documented using the sample memo slip shown besides. The previous and post changes are noted and signed by the officers and counter signed by the candidate so that it cannot be challenged later on.

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PST (Height / Chest / Weight Measurement ) Only the candidates, who are successful in the Document Verification, advance to the next step of Medical Examination. In this stage the female candidates have to undergo a Height and Weight measurement and male candidates have to undergo a Height and Chest measurement.

Pitfalls of Technology:

Pitfalls of Technology Machine error / limitations : OMR- 99.9 % accurate ICR- 60-70% accurate Biometric device for thumb impression- 60-70% accurate OMR reading for examination evaluation depends on the resolution of scanning. Different resolution will give different results. Handling of photographs, while scanning for data base preparation Carbonless OMR sheets have chemical pasted which has a shelf life of about 3 weeks. Contingency -Infrastructural support Power Supply Internet connectivity Network security issue. Data Backup in field units Equipment security

Pitfalls of Technology:

Pitfalls of Technology Frauds Filling more than one form Changing DOB, category and gender to seek privileges. Imposters Putting signatures in different languages- Hindi / English Concealing facts / giving wrong information Human handling: Posture affects height and chest measurements. Erroneous design and printing of OMRs and barcodes. Damaged OMR sheets/ Time line of OMR sheets Biometric device for finger prints Incorrect method of filling OMR sheets Date formats Duplicate Barcodes Missing or / and non readable barcodes. Data security, data purification, data management Erroneous training of the technology handlers.  

Feasibility of online Examination:

Feasibility of online Examination Depends on infrastructure available in the state. Requires a huge data bank of questions. Normalization should withstand legal review, if any. Requires political willingness, because of its urban bias. Ensure quality check by separate certifying agency Clear definition of Logs to be maintained. Costs are around 200 to 400 per candidate as compared to less 25 to 100 per candidate using the OMR process. Processes available to take typing test on line, in English and Hindi.

Use of Technology:

Use of Technology Technology is being used by many States for recruitment to varying extents. No technology is free from errors. Use of technology has its pitfalls. Technology plays a vital role in doing a process, if used in right manner. Technology can be a disaster if the modality of using it is not clear. Any decision making should watch out for technology fads and digital glitter and use it only with a clearly defined purpose and benefit

An insight to the future….. :

An insight to the future….. Keeping in view the current concepts and implementation of the available technology, the Board has started working upon the next Design outdoor test that measure what is needed in the job. E.g. shuttle zig-zag run / pushing / pulling designated qualifying weight (simulates chasing accused /stopping a crowd/ dragging unwilling accused) Design cheaper measures for timing races than FRID Mats / Shoulder antennas. Customised Project Integration: The Board is also working upon the development of a customised software to integrate the various stages of recruitment though Data Import / Export in accordance with the flow pattern of these stages. Modernising syllabus to use it as an intervention for development agenda, besides awareness of issues amongst youth. (Health, Substance abuse, disaster preparedness etc.)

Thank you.:

Thank you. We will appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Ranjan Dwivedi Add’l Director General, UPP BPB Board.

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